Astrotwins Weekly Horoscopes for October 19th thru 25th , 2015

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Champagne toast “just ‘cause,” anyone? The languid, laid back vibes are winding down so enjoy them while they last. Until Friday, the Sun lingers in Libra keeping everything light and sweet. But just before the weekend, Scorpio takes the wheel, activating a solar-powered phase that lasts until November 22. It’s kind of like going from Katie Holmes to Sherlock Holmes. The sugary cheer of Libra season makes way for Scorpio’s simmering, esoteric allure. Passion, magnetism, and bodice-ripping adventures await! We simply can’t settle for lukewarm connections after Friday, nor superficial ones. Under Scorpio’s spell, our animalistic desires and soulful creative expression take hold. Working behind the scenes (obsessively and after dark, Scorpio’s hour) could yield some serious genius. The competitive vibes heat up, too, which can rouse the green-eyed monster in us all. But come ON, people—coveting thy neighbor’s (fill-in-the-blank) is soooo Old Testament. Get constructive and remix your own version of what the nabe has with a signature stamp and spin all your own!

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Ready for an extreme makeover? Scorpio is the alchemical transformer. This is the time each year when the phoenix rises from the ashes. Something may have to die (metaphorically) for a new attitude to be reborn. It’s all or nothing when Scorpio’s in town. But don’t be scared. This sign gets a bad rap because of its undeniable intensity. But Scorpio is represented by three totems: the scorpion, the serpent and the eagle. While there can be an initial sting (scorpion) or some tantalizing-yet-dangerous charm (serpent), the highest expression of Scorpionic energy is the visionary eagle which soars above and settles down loyally with one mate. Power through those shadowy emotions and soar!


On Sunday the 25th, peacenik Venus and global ambassador Jupiter meet up for the third and final time in 2015. Their first appointments were on July 1 and August 4 in Leo, supersizing our emotions with more than just a dollop of drama in the recipe. This week, they’ll finish the trilogy in Virgo, the sign of selfless service, systematic organizing and healthy living. Would everybody PLEASE just calm down? This harmonizing transit brings some much-needed order to our courts. Less is definitely more now and we could go on a massive minimalism mission or a manic simplifying spree. (It’s gonna be a busy week for the collections workers at the Goodwill donation bins…) Lay down your swords, ye wayfaring knights of outlying nations! We may finally see world leaders come to a sensible compromise. The Venus-Jupiter duo demands an honest approach to relationships, as well.  Inauthentic connections may suddenly implode, leaving us free to start over with people who are sane and balanced. Couples can finally exhale and have some soul-baring dialogue—not just to melt the ice but also to put some stabilizing (Virgoan) visions into motion. And with Venus in the mix, who says that planning session can’t happen on high-thread-count sheets or over a decadent farm-to-table dinner?

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