Astrotwins Weekly Horoscopes for October 20th thru 26th, 2014

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It don’t mean a thing, if it ain’t got that…sting? With this week’s planetary party in Scorpio, we’re totally adapting that jazzy Duke Ellington classic. On Thursday, October 23, the Sun will launch a monthlong tour of Scorpio, blanketing the world in esoteric intrigue and seductive vibes. The very same day, amorous Venus slinks into Scorpio, dancing alongside the Sun until November 16. Passion, magnetism, and bodice-ripping adventures await! We simply can’t settle for a lukewarm connection with anyone now, nor a superficial one. The Sun-Venus coupling will find us craving intensity, animalistic desire, and soulful creative expression. We’ll feel everything deeply which can even call in the green-eyed monster. Use envy as a compass instead of a weapon. Our jealousy can point us towards something we’d like to create in our own lives. Coveting thy neighbor is soooo BCE. Get constructive and remix your own version of what the nabe has with a signature stamp and spin. MIA alert! Creating that masterpiece could become an obsession with Scorpio in the frame, but disappear if you must and develop it behind the scenes.


But that’s not all! Thursday also features a potent solar eclipse in Scorpio, which amplifies our urge to merge. Solar eclipses arrive with NEW moons (lunar eclipses with full moons), kicking off a supercharged six-month cycle of planting and growing. This is the third Scorpio new moon in a row that also happens to be a solar eclipse — the first was on November 13, 2012, the second November 3, 2013, and the last of the trilogy is this Thursday, October 23. As such, all things Scorpionic have been pretty hot topics for the world: shared resources, financial investments, sexual identity, the balance of power. This is the last eclipse we’ll see in Scorpio until next decade. Think of it as a final burst of rocket fuel for a mission that’s already in orbit. If you want to partner up with someone, lure them into your lair (and keep them there), or make big money through an investment or passive income product like downloadable ebooks or musical compositions, all we can say is this: carpe diem!


Scrambled signals begone! Messenger Mercury wakes up from its three week retrograde on Saturday. The communication breakdowns, burning bridges and strained relationships have been plentiful since Mercury shifted into reverse on October 4. It didn’t help matters that this transit took place in Scorpio and Libra, the two signs associated with close, intimate relationships. Call off the divorce lawyers — or call them up if Mercury retrograde brought the final nail in the coffin of a bad romance. With Mercury correcting its course on Saturday the answer to this question will soon become clear: Should I stay or should I go? From Saturday until November 8, Mercury powers forward in Libra, bringing positive developments for most relationships. Make amends and hug it out. It’s time to bring back the love. The law is Libra’s domain so go ahead and sign those contracts, get the marriage certificate or negotiate new business deals. They have an extra shot at being peaceful, harmonious and long lasting with beautiful Libra connecting to Mercury. Note that Mercury retrograde’s shadow doesn’t fully clear until November 11, so that’s when we may really start to feel the progress and developments kicking in.

Mars is on the move this weekend too. Until Sunday, it will round out its tour through fiery, adventurous Sagittarius. Mars has been in the Archer’s domain since September 13, lending momentum to our globetrotting urges (Mercury retrograde, be damned). This week, make a point of reaching out to important long-distance connections and even discussing a meeting in a foreign port. Have you spoken your truth? No-holds-barred Mars in Sagittarius demands a policy of honesty. But be careful! The aggro energy of Mars in Sag can also make our truth hammers heavy. Try to leave people with their dignity intact — compassion is an essential ingredient. On Sunday, Mars heads into hardworking, ambitious Capricorn, turning us all into workaholics until December 4. It’s Mission: Critical time with Mars here. Don’t waste a minute on anything unless it’s a worthy goal (read: one that will bring a sizeable ROI.) The hike to the top may be a rough and strenuous one. But anything worth having is worth working for. Buckle into that climbing gear and ascend!

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