Astrotwins Weekly Horoscopes for October 27th thru November 2nd, 2014

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The week is off to an industrious start as Mars settles into Capricorn. The red planet shifted into this ambitious position last Sunday (October 26), and will help us wrap 2014 on a successful note. No coasting allowed between now and December 4. Fortune favors the bold — and the unstoppable. This week, don’t waste time worrying or checking out the competition, Mars in Capricorn advises. Just keep putting one foot in front of the other and you’ll make it to the mountaintop before you know it.


On Monday, October 27, the Scorpio Sun will form a lucky trine (60 degree angle) to enchanted Neptune in Pisces. When these two join forces, life just feels magical, glamorous, and filled with possibility. With this wide-eyed wonder, we tend to drop our guards and attract exciting opportunity into our orbit. But we have to be careful here too. Neptune is the planet of fantasy and illusion while the Sun governs our egos. Being open is great; being gullible is not. Watch for the smoke and mirrors and don’t be a sucker for flattery. Maybe a “too good to be true” opportunity will check out as totally legit — the Sun-Neptune trine CAN usher in miracle just as often as it can pull the wool over our eyes. Get the facts!


On Thursday, the quarter moon in Aquarius brings its balancing beams to group activities. If we are involved in organizations, it’s important to check the cultural climate. Are we aligned with the values of the group? And if not, what can we do to influence change? Quarter moons are about equilibrium, not making drastic moves. A team effort may simply need a little regrouping and recalibration, especially now that Mercury has resumed direct motion. Call a band meeting, revise the mission statement, reshuffle your shared duties. Aquarius is the geek of the zodiac, so give your gadgets a once-over. Maybe it’s time to upgrade a device that’s verging on archaic, or purchase a few apps that will make life easier. Review your social media profiles and general web presence too. When was the last time you Googled yourself? Type your name in the search and see what comes up. It might be time to remove those bachelorette party cringers or consult an SEO expert about getting a higher ranking for one of your personal ventures.

Halloween falls on a Friday this year — yes! The moon will also be in daring, unconventional Aquarius, giving us the green light to go wilder and weirder with our costumes. As expressive Mercury is camped out in Libra, partner-themed get-ups will be a hit too. The Sun is always in Scorpio on October 31 (fitting, we say), but this year it will be in a tense square with the moon. Emotions could run higher than usual, with an undercurrent of jealousy, competition or snarkiness invading the good vibes. The Aquarian lunar energy says, “the more, the merrier,” while the Scorpio Sun shines on an elite, close-knit crew. While we don’t have to be exclusionary, we shouldn’t be too “all access” with our Halloween invites. One rotten witch can spoil the coven!

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