Astrotwins Weekly Horoscopes for October 6th thru 12th, 2014

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Liberation or cooperation: can we have both? This week’s starmap brings a tug of war between “me” and “we.” Throughout the week, planets light up a pair of opposing signs: individualistic Aries and partnership-oriented Libra. Giving selflessly is actually NOT the goal right now: there should be something in it for us too if we’re going to expend our time and resources. But too much insistence on attention, credit, or personal profit could leave people in the narcissist camp. Where oh where is that middle ground?

The tightrope act begins on Tuesday, October 7 when the bold, expressive Libra Sun directly opposes radical, unconventional Uranus in Aries. This once-a-year event rouses our revolutionary spirits and can even make us rebel against relationships that have grown restrictive or claustrophobic. Pack away the monogrammed towels and matching tracksuits. Melding into an amorphous couple-blob will dull the sparks in any pairing, whether for business, pleasure, or a creative collaboration. The Sun-Uranus opposition wants our individuality to shine as we encourage our partners to bring forth their strengths as well. Temper, temper: if we’ve sacrificed too much of ourselves to keep the peace, lightning bolts of anger could strike. Beware the inner brat too. Pushing a “my way or the highway” agenda could put our relationships on the rocks.

Wednesday the 8th marks the date of the full moon in Aries, which also happens to be a total lunar eclipse. This forthright energy will make us all expressive, passionate and quick on the draw. Hello, momentum! Dive into a passion project, or debut the one you’ve been working on since the new moon in Aries this past March 30. Wednesday is a stellar day to self-promote and even brag about our latest and greatest accomplishments. Competition could get fierce though, as Aries has an “all about me” vibe that can never quite get enough attention. Try to remember that there’s room enough for everyone to shine instead of fighting for headliner status on the proverbial Vegas mainstage.

On Friday the 10th, retrograde Mercury paddles out of Scorpio’s murky, mysterious waters and backstrokes through Libra for the remainder of its reversal — until October 25. This should feel like a bit of a relief, easing up the crossed sexual signals and secrecy that’s plagued our interactions since October 4. But, finding the balance and harmony in our closest partnerships will be challenging now. To use, Mercury retrograde effectively, think of all things “re,” such as reviewing, refining, revising, renegotiating. Don’t assume that it’s all gravy just because you’ve never had a fight with your sweetie or professional partner or because nobody’s issued a complaint. If you’re feeling distance or a lack of sizzle, why not work to improve your relationships? Create a safe space to discuss your individual visions and dreams so that you can better support one another. Libra rules the law, making it all the more important to heed the Mercury retrograde warning label and try to wait until October 25 to sign contracts, schedule court dates, or confirm settlements. If you have no choice in the matter, make sure you read the fine print and expect that you’ll have to do some further negotiating down the line to get this agreement in balance.

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