Astrotwins Weekly Horoscopes for September 21st thru 27th, 2015

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What the world needs now, is love, sweet love… This Tuesday, September 22 the Sun enters rosy, romantic Libra until October 23, opening our hearts. Collaborate, cooperate, co-create. Libra time is all about getting those dynamic duos in motion. But with whom shall we dance that paso doble? Mercury is retrograde from September 17 to October 9, which could bring back some people from the past. Time-tested unions may be reignited, but keep the doors bolted on the toxic types. No one needs a sequel of THAT movie! Libra governs the law, and dealmaking will be underway in earnest. Alas, Mercury retrograde is an inauspicious time for signing, however, so stay at the negotiating table a little longer and wait to hammer out the final contract until mid-October.


On Monday, furtive Pluto wakes up from a retrograde that began on April 16. Pluto spends about half of each year in a low-power slumber like this, but the backspin can rile our suspicions and keep us stuck in darker thoughts. With Pluto back in “drive” for the coming seven months, we’ll feel more motivated to tackle those tough sticking points, addictive tendencies and compulsive behaviors. Although a sexy cat and mouse game can be fun, people who are overly mysterious will lose their allure now. Since Pluto is in Capricorn—the sign that rules government, banks and big businesses—we could get a better handle on our investments and see some circus acts come to a close in the presidential race. #You’reFired

On Thursday, pass the elbow grease! There’s some serious “wax on, wax off” action going down. Motivator Mars decamps to Virgo until November 12, joining energetic Jupiter there. Extreme Cleaning, anyone? Getting our systems organized and in place could become an absolute obsession over the next seven weeks. Go ahead, color-code those bookshelves and purge anything processed from your fridge. This is the time to turn over a new leaf in the healthy eating and fitness departments, too. Then on Friday, taskmaster Saturn in Sagittarius forms a tough square to Mars: Where have we been excessive or wasteful? We could feel a celestial smack on the hand every time we reach for that credit card on a retail therapy splurge. Ouch! The Mars-Saturn square casts a vote for responsible consumerism and reminds us to be more tolerant of people who are “different”—lest we spark up a cultural battle royale.


On Sunday, a galvanizing total lunar eclipse in Aries rocks the skies. Sparkle Ponies of the world unite! This forthright cosmic energy will make us all expressive, passionate and quick on the draw. Dive into a passion project, or debut the one you’ve been working on, maybe even over the past two years. There is a sense of finality or manifestation in the air as this is the third (and final) of three consecutive annual lunar eclipses in Aries to hit. (The others were October 18, 2013 and October 8, 2014.) “Know Thyself” has been their commandment, and we’ve all had some serious awakenings since fall 2013. Do something to celebrate the progress since then. Saying yes to what we want and no to what we don’t is a lot easier these days. Sunday is also a stellar day to self-promote and even brag about our latest and greatest accomplishments. Competition could get fierce though, as Aries has an “all about me” vibe that can never quite get enough attention.  Try to remember that there’s room enough for everyone to shine instead of fighting for headliner status!

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