Astrotwins Weekly Horoscopes for September 28th thru October 4th, 2015

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Yawn…s t r e t c h. Cosmically speaking, this week is kind of boring—well, compared to the earlier part of September, that is! After a month that brought us two eclipses, Venus-Mars dalliances, Mercury retrograde AND a sign change for taskmaster Saturn on the same day, we doubt anyone is mad about September’s more leisurely wrap-up. Seize the opportunity to catch your breath and get your feet planted on terra firma. If possible, put massive initiatives on hold until Mercury’s course correction next Friday, October 9. Instead, use this week to tidy up the messy areas of your life. This is the final full week of Mercury retrograde; an optimal time for all “re” based activities like reviewing, repairing, restoring and reconnecting. With Monday’s meetup of the moon and revolutionary Uranus in Aries, we’ll have plenty of firepower for these make-better missions.

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Have relationships been off kilter for you this month? Mercury’s retrograde—which wages from September 17 until October 9—is taking place in romantic, diplomatic Libra. Yes, this may have thrown a curveball into partnerships or stalled business and legal negotiations. But Libra’s peacemaking qualities made this a gentler retrograde than most. On Wednesday, September 30 the Sun and Mercury retro will meet at the same degree of Libra, illuminating areas that are still out of balance. Ego clash alert! The self-serving Sun will not make it easy for us to back down from our righteous indignation. For the people-pleasers out there, this may be the day where that bottled up truth comes rushing out. (Uh, try to use a few filters, please, to avoid the #NiceGuyGonePsycho label.) Alas, while laying cards on the table can be a necessary first step to resolution, it’s not the last one. Restoring equilibrium to our lives requires us to cooperate, compromise and collaborate—all favorite catchwords of partnership-oriented Libra. The rubber meets the road: How do you deal with disagreements? Can you remain committed to finding a creative solution and lovingly listen to each other’s perspective? Mercury retrograde in Libra lays down the gauntlet and challenges us to find the proper balance between “me” and “we.”


WTH…was that a text from an ex? Mercury retrogrades are legendary for bringing back people from the past. Some VIPs from our history books could pop up near Wednesday—particularly men, since the Sun is associated with the masculine realm. (The moon is the feminine.) With lovehound Libra in the frame, old flames may be stoked and potentially reignited. We’ll have to wait until after October 9, however, to see how long the blazes can truly last. True power may come in hitting “delete” before reading the message from that toxic character. Don’t get sucked back in to difficult dynamics—despite the tempting lure!

Circle Sunday for cozy gatherings and some much-needed nesting. The stabilizing quarter moon in Cancer puts us all on a friends-and-family plan. Yes, the past month has been a busy one, making it difficult to connect to our nearest and dearest. But their love and support makes life so much richer. Reserve that table for four and catch up over brunch. Better yet, how about hosting (or organizing) a Sunday potluck dinner? Decor inspiration may strike, too. Go ahead and feng shui the living room and pick up a couple throw pillows. As for the bigger renovations, start a Pinterest board and use Mercury retrograde’s stellar researching powers to gather inspiration for projects you may—or may not—start after October 9.

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