Astrotwins Weekly Horoscopes for September 29th thru October 5th, 2014

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Ahh, the good life. A return to decadence is what the stars have in store as luxurious Venus comes home to Libra from Monday, September 29 until October 23. Venus is the natural ruler of Libra: both the planet and the zodiac sign have a weak spot for fine food and clothing, sparkling jewels, music, art, and general revelry. Nothing’s too rich for their blood! So, go on and indulge a little. You deserve it. After all, what’s the point of working so hard if we can’t enjoy the spoils of our efforts? Peace, love and harmony are the holy trinity now: Venus in Libra makes us all far more diplomatic and willing to compromise. For many people, this Venus cycle will bring a romantic renaissance and the desire to really dive in and commit to an exclusive relationship.

But alas, there’s a hitch: From Saturday until October 25, messenger planet Mercury turns retrograde for the third (and final) time this year. The effect of this transit is that everything that Mercury governs — communication, transportation and the flow of information — goes haywire. Mercury’s reversal also brings back people from the past, so get ready for those “Whoa…what?!” midnight texts or Facebook friend requests that you just weren’t expecting. This time, Mercury’s backspin will span two zodiac signs: Scorpio from October 4 to 10, and Libra from October 10 to 25. Both Scorpio and Libra are signs associated with relationships and commitment, so this could definitely bring complex dynamics in the game of love. Ex-lovers, old flames, jerks that broke off their engagements: these shady characters could make a curtain call in October.

In the first phase of this transit, Mercury’s backstroke through Scorpio’s dark waters could bring a complex brew of jealousy, sneakiness, manipulation, power plays, and mixed sexual signals. It’s hard to know exactly who to trust and what people’s intentions are. Mirror check! There’s no wiggle room allowed for walking around with resting bitch face with Mercury here. If you want to make a proper impression on people — and avoid Mercury retrograde’s backlash — slap on some semblance of a smile and let people know that you’re on their side.


When Mercury eases back into Libra from October 10 to 25, the vibes should lighten considerably. The trouble is, we may all catch a case of people pleasing disease, telling people what they WANT to hear rather than risk letting them down. Libra rules the law, so there could be slowdowns with court cases and paperwork. Mercury retrogrades are never great for signing contracts. If possible, wait to sign your name on the dotted line until after the 25th. If you have a wedding planned during this Mercury retrograde, don’t freak out. Love planet Venus in Libra will be a helpful aid in smoothing over conflict. Make a seating chart to keep feuding relatives on opposite ends of the reception room. It might also be wise to renew your vows a year from now and even add an addendum then to further express your love.

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