Astrotwins Weekly Horoscopes for September 7th thru 13th , 2015

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Raise your hand if you’re ready for a change—the kind that is exciting, stimulating and even a little provocative? Cautious types, hang on to your heritage label hats. This Tuesday, September 8 fiery Mars in Leo forms an energizing trine (120 degree angle) to revolutionary Uranus in Aries, igniting some real transformation. With both planets in fire signs there’s an emphasis on being creative, daring and following the spark of ingenuity. Their combined powers can give us some real chutzpah! They can also make us rather brash and impulsive, so DO read the directions and warning labels before barreling ahead! Extreme makeovers, boot camp regimens and plans that promise lightning fast results can woo us, but these rarely pave the way for lasting results. If you’re ready to bust out with the brand new you, think of it as a “lifestyle shift” and pick a program that’s actually sustainable.


Calling all show ponies and attention whores! Mars-Uranus teaming up in flamboyant Leo and Aries can turn this week into a giant talent show—or maybe a glitz pageant. Have fun with fall fashion and get that daring new look in motion. And do it now, because next week, Mercury will turn retrograde—which WON’T be the time to snip your locks into a pixie or try a unicorn ombre! Being true to ourselves is essential while these liberated planets link arms. There could be some highly entertaining ideas bandied about, coupled with stunning displays of ego. Wow. Just wow. Creativity and technology can meld in magical ways. Follow the inclination to develop a digital venture like an app, YouTube channel or blog. If nothing else, let yourself play around with programs and price out production costs: This could be more doable than you realized. But do think before you post any questionable tweets or Instagrams under this celestial starmap: Is the controversy worth it? One impulsive rant or louche photo could bring drama for days.


On Sunday, the fall’s first eclipse electrifies the skies—there are two this September, in fact. This week’s is a solar (new moon) eclipse in sensible, structured Virgo. While we hate to think of summer vacation EVER coming to an end, this eclipse puts us in a “back to work” headspace. But hey, the urge to be more productive has been in the air since August 11 when buoyant Jupiter moved into Virgo for thirteen months. Those Jupiter-fueled plans—which may involve starting a business, traveling or studying—get an energizing burst from the eclipse. It’s time for action, at least the very first steps. Circle February 22 for a manifestation date when the corresponding full moon in Virgo lets us harvest the seeds we plant near Sunday. Virgo is the ruler of health, organization, daily work and acts of service. Under this eclipse we could get serious about self-care. Preventative medicine is the best kind of medicine—we’re talking fresh produce, regular movement and stress-busting treatments like massage and acupuncture (not just a luxury reserved for spa days after all). For many people, this eclipse will illuminate job dissatisfaction, pushing us to improve our circumstances or circulate our resumes at last. Want to make a difference in the world, or at least your corner of it? The eclipse illuminates opportunities to practice random acts of kindness and to join (or start!) a community service group and earn that earth angel halo.

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