Astrotwins Weekly Horoscopes for January 11th thru 17th 2016

Weekly Horoscopes

Hit the brakes, lovebirds. For the first half of the week, amorous Venus and killjoy Saturn are sharing a flight path, taking a few stars out of our eyes. Forget about slapping a coat of sunshine yellow paint over chipped and peeling drywall. Saturn wants everything structurally sound—and this week the cosmic inspector is coming to audit our personal lives. (Gulp.) But don’t resist! There’s no such thing as a perfect relationship or friendship. It’s how you work through the inevitable issues that will tell the REAL story. Pretending everything is “great!” and “fine!” could be to our detriment this week. Thankfully, Venus lends grace, diplomacy and tact—a double bonus since both planets are in mouthy Sagittarius. On a positive note, the Venus-Saturn merger can help casual relationships become more serious. Although Mercury is retrograde until January 25, if it feels right and natural to have The Talk, Venus and Saturn will support you in locking down lasting love.
Keep the resolution revolution going strong! The Capricorn Sun is bringing our #goals to the forefront all week long. On Wednesday, Jupiter, which is retrograde in savvy, systematic Virgo, will form a productive trine to the Sun, helping us get down to brass tacks. It’s one thing to have a vision, but without a plan nothing is going to get off the ground. Let the project managing begin! Deal with empirical data: What time, resources and money will really be needed to pull off missions and produce results? Retrograde Jupiter might send us back to the drawing board to refine and revise some existing blueprints, too. With both planets in cautious earth signs, we might realize that slowing down is necessary so we can get a grip on quality control. And forget about being cheap! Earth signs like everything built to last. Where Jupiter in Virgo is practical, the Sun in Capricorn has a taste for status symbols. Make sure anything you invest your time in will also impress. On Thursday, the Sun and Mercury retrograde hit the same degree of Capricorn, sounding a second call for review. Under this aspect, we could realize that a certain devil is wearing knockoff, sweatshop Prada! Don’t be fooled by people’s appearances or power plays. Before granting authority to anyone just because they walk with confidence or make it rain, run the background checks. A humble, quiet leader could be the one holding the legit strength card.
With all the flurry of 2016 activity, are we letting our #MeTime slip? Saturday’s quarter moon in Aries swoops in to remind us to strap on our own oxygen masks before assisting other passengers. That could mean giving ourselves some breathing room from people whose needs and demands are getting a little suffocating. Some unstructured playtime would do us all some good. Let the weekend unfold by the hour instead of overscheduling every minute. Since this waxing quarter moon falls smack-dab between last Sunday’s (the 9th) new moon in sophisticated Capricorn and next Saturday’s (the 23rd) full moon in strut-your-stuff Leo, this could be the call to invest in a glamorous upgrade. Shop around and maybe just make a Pinterest board if you’re thinking of dropping buku bucks or chopping off inches of hair. Until Mercury turns direct on the 25th, we won’t be of the soundest mind.

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