Astrotwins Weekly Horoscopes for January 18th thru 24th 2016

Weekly Horoscopes

Imagination or innovation? How about both? This week is simultaneously dreamy and productive, thanks to a special connection between enchanting Neptune in Pisces and go-getter Mars in Scorpio. On Monday, the two planets assemble into a harmonious trine (120-degree angle), which allows them to combine their energies in a helpful, proactive way. Neptune governs our subconscious minds while Mars brings a feisty, can-do vibe to the equation. Their combined forces encourage inner work so we can grow, heal and change. Since both planets are parked in water signs, we could make big strides on the emotional and creative fronts. Forgive and hug it out. And maybe just seal a chapter in the vault, leaving the past in the past. Artistic types could start the week on a roll—and end it with something epic and jaw-dropping to show for their efforts.
On Wednesday, the Sun changes costumes, flinging off Capricorn’s grey cashmere sweater and slipping into a batik caftan and denim overalls in honor of Aquarius season. (And maybe topping it off with a mad scientist’s lab coat…) El Sol will beam through the Water Bearer’s zone until February 19, bringing out the adorable oddballs in us all. Quirky, eccentric and innovative is the new normal now so break out those freak flags and fly them high! Aquarius governs community, technology and humanitarian ventures. Work collaboratively to make the world a better place—both online and in real time. If you have computer equipment and digital devices to upgrade, start shopping around. Just heed the warning label: Mercury will be in a signal-scrambling retrograde until January 25 (NEXT Monday) so it’s wise to wait until then to bring those techie toys home.
The weekend is full of romantic developments. On Saturday, ardent Venus switches signs, moving from wild-child Sagittarius into more conservative Capricorn until February 16. Valentine’s Day could come with all the trimmings this year, so start saving up for the imported Parisian bon bons and the “supersize me” bouquet of long-stems. There’s also a full moon in Leo on Saturday, turning the passion pot up to a rolling boil. Although Venus in Capricorn can bring a modicum of modesty, this lunation leaves a lot hanging out. If you’ve got #LoveGoals, let them be known! There’s no sense in playing coy when the full moon in Leo is lingering overhead. And yes, there will be drama. With every emotion heightened to a fever pitch, we’ll have to keep the soap opera tendencies down to a respectable level. Feelings could easily be confused with facts this weekend, and no one will be in the mood to back down from his or her righteous stance. It doesn’t help matters much that Mercury is in retrograde for its final full week. Steer clear of hot-button topics unless you can address them from an open-minded, solution-oriented perspective. Life could feel like a nonstop talent show under this full moon. Heck, take it to Cirque du Soleil extremes if you so desire! Untamed self-expression is fully sanctioned this weekend. Err on the side of TMI rather than receding into the wallpaper. Turn Saturday night into a costume party and have fun with fashion. People may point and stare, but that’s half the joy of being a trendsetter. Ready to be royal? If that rightful place on the throne has been earned, step up and wear the crown.

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