Astrotwins Weekly Horoscopes for January 4th thru 10th 2016

Weekly Horoscopes

Download that Duolingo app: We’re going to need all the translation tools we can get our hands on this week! On Tuesday, January 5 cosmic messenger Mercury plunges into its first retrograde of 2016’s quartet, scrambling signals until the 25th as it drifts back through Aquarius, then Capricorn. Until Friday, communal Aquarius is in Mercury’s crosshairs, making group dynamics just plain WTF weird. Save the brainstorming meetings for next week if you want anything productive to arise. Expect long lines at The Genius Bar, too: Technology could go on the fritz this week since Aquarius governs our digital devices. (Uh, thanks for the iPad Air, Santa?) Then, on Friday, the messenger planet drifts back into Capricorn until the 25th, forcing us to rethink our resolutions and give our 2016 goalsheets a no BS review. In a way, this is a blessing: Mercury retrograde is NOT Satan disguised as an iron-core, terrestrial object. It can be a fruitful time for all “re” based activities like reviewing, refining and revising. Quash any notions that starting 2016 means crashing out of the gates at full speed. We can give ourselves a little breathing room to really figure out what projects are worth taking on.


There’s a second retrograde this week, too. On Thursday, expansive Jupiter takes his annual sabbatical, retreating through Virgo until May 9. Virgo is the zodiac’s planner and efficiency expert. There’s always a level of “messy” that comes along with growth. But instead of just “figuring it out along the way,” utilize Q1 to set up savvy systems, lifehacks and smarter org charts. Create project plans and budgets—and make sure timelines allow a healthy work-life balance. Jupiter in Virgo wants us at the gyms and yoga studios on the regular. After all, achieving does NOT have to spell burnout. And hey, maybe we can have it all if we just chill out about getting it done yesterday.

Saturday arrives with a boost for productivity. (Phew!) The annual new moon in Capricorn galvanizes us to set goals that are actually challenging and interesting enough to strive for. It’s not just about winning the shiny gold star here either. Alchemical Pluto is sitting at a close degree of Capricorn to the new moon, reminding us that the course we chart should be rewarding on a deeper level, too. For what does it profit a man to gain the whole world, and forfeit his soul…right? Some secret ambitions may be unleashed with this moon-Pluto meetup; or we’ll get glimpses of an even higher true north. Hotheaded Uranus in Aries forms a complex square (90 degree angle) to the new moon, however, meaning some of us may have to keep our “by any means necessary” streaks in check. Competitive is one thing but going the cutthroat route is never advised. Unconventional Uranus also reminds us to be future-forward in our approach, tapping technology and embroidering socially responsible practices into our master plans…

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