Astrotwins Weekly Horoscopes for March 14th thru 20th 2016

Weekly Horoscopes

It’s only been a month since Valentine’s Day but Cupid is already making mischief! This Monday, March 14 romantic Venus hits some turbulence with her cosmic co-pilot Mars as the two planets assemble into a complicated square (90-degree angle). Venus is flowing through dreamy, nostalgic Pisces, rocking the rose-colored glasses and putting us all in a fantasy-fueled haze. Then…bam! Mars barrels into the picture in fiery Sagittarius, demanding action, adventure and no-holds-barred truth. This is certainly not a moment for sweeping any issues or feelings under the rug. But trying to lay all our cards on the table? That could be a disaster early this week, too, as we won’t exactly have the gift of tact or patience on our sides. Lovers’ quarrels can go from simmer to boil with Venus in Pisces pulling for passive-aggressive game playing while aggro Mars in Sagittarius makes tempers explode. If we lay low, this should all blow over by Sunday when Venus makes her annual connection to soothing, compassionate Neptune and helps us loosen up, compromise and forgive. The key is to not burn any bridges before then.

On Wednesday, daring Jupiter and strategic Pluto lock into an auspicious trine (120-degree angle), combining their strengths. We can expand without overshooting the mark, show our hands without blowing our wads (glug) and generally charm the pants off of people. Both planets are parked in materially-savvy earth signs—Jupiter in systematic Virgo and Pluto in success-obsessed Capricorn. Work and money matters could be most blessed by this transit, making Wednesday a killer day to pitch, present, propose or power-lunch. Jupiter is retrograde, so these matters might be ones that are already on the table. But now, divine timing is afoot! With mystical Pluto in the mix, it wouldn’t hurt to write up a wish list, summon your spirit animals or make a vision board before going in for the big ask. PS: Jupiter and Pluto will pair up again in this formation on June 26 when Jupiter is in a full-power direct flow. Plans that are initiated this week could really take off at rocket speed then. And there won’t be another Jupiter-Pluto trine again until 2024 so strike now while the iron is scorching!
Speaking of heat, we’ll feel the temperature rise this Sunday, March 20. Not only is this the date of the equinox, but it’s also when the zodiac calendar does its annual reset as the Sun heads into fiery Aries, starting a fresh solar cycle. (Aries is the first sign of the twelve.) Our universal spring awakening has begun! With the Sun in the Ram’s realm until April 20, we have four weeks to make fresh starts, plant seeds, take bold initiatives. Originality and authenticity score huge points now. Instead of playing follow the leader, blaze a maverick’s trail. Those unapologetically original moves—plus a side of swagger—will bring the applause.

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