Astrotwins Weekly Horoscopes for March 28th thru April 3rd 2016

Weekly Horoscopes

What was that they said about March going out like a lamb? More like a campaign trail manager, spinning, strategizing and stirring up controversy. The star of this week’s show is Mercury, the winged messenger of the skies. The clever communication planet will power lunch with three outer planets—Saturn on Tuesday, Pluto on Wednesday and Uranus on Thursday—waking them up with its spark. Although Mercury transits are brief, the effect can be like a tiny tornado that whips through town, creating frenzied, frenetic energy, then moves on, leaving messes for everyone else to clean up! While we’re not sounding any disaster alarms (Mercury isn’t THAT intense), stay on guard for crazymakers and avoid situations that will bring more chaos than ease. Mercury happens to be blazing through action-oriented Aries, too, which makes him quite the firestarter. But who will tend to the flames? Unless that aspect of the plan is handled, be careful not to light any blazes that could burn out of control.
On Tuesday, it’s staunch Saturn in Sagittarius that gets a kick in the badonka-donk from Mercury. The two planets will form a harmonious trine, meaning their energies will combine in an auspicious way. Saturn in Sagittarius has made us somewhat risk averse, cautious about our long-range planning and a little reticent about reaching out to people who are “different” than us. In this case, Mercury will bring a welcome wakeup call, luring us out of our safe little bubbles and reminding us that it’s cool to leap as long as we have a safety net. Building said nets could become a goal for the week, thanks to the savvy planning powers that this Mercury-Saturn combo ignites. This would be a great day to gather the troops for a brainstorming and strategizing meeting, too. Problems that felt overwhelming may be solved in record time—and in ways that are actually quite doable. Saturn rules time-tested wisdom, so reach up to a seasoned pro for some Yoda-like advice. Don’t assume it will come from an elder though. In this Mercury-fueled digital age, it could very well be a 16-year-old YouTuber or Periscoper who holds the #BeenThereDoneThat shortcode to success. Consider seminars and online courses for rapid learning.
Wednesday we’ll see the worst of this weather pattern as Mercury locks into a tense square with control freak Pluto in Capricorn. We’ll need to watch our words big time! The unchecked swagger of Mercury in Aries could threaten the powers that be. New ideas and exciting plans could be met with major resistance—both externally and internally. This is so NOT the day to pitch a wild hare or ask corporate to sign off on a risky venture. Anything that seems scary (read: new and untested) is likely to be met with an ironclad “No!” And undoing that stance could take forever and a year. With secretive Pluto in the frame, it’s wise to keep our cards close to our vest—and to only share edgier plans with people who we not only trust, but ones who can handle hearing these without freaking out. Pluto is the zodiac’s sex god and under this transit we can misread people’s signals. Is it everlasting love or an ephemeral spring fling? That won’t be easy to tell so wait before, say, tweeting to the world that you’ve finally found The One.
Then on Thursday, Mercury meets up with rebellious Uranus at 18-degrees Aries. Sitting still and quietly concentrating will be basically impossible—but conversations will be utterly stimulating. This is a day where revolutionary thought reigns, but easy does it! With all that hotheaded Aries energy in the mix, we could get swept along in anger and lose sight of the big picture—especially when a charismatic leader starts shouting from the podium. No matter what emotions are fueled, fact-check and take a cool-down period to reflect before springing into combat. That said, if a change is overdue, this transit spurs activism. At its best, Uranus is a humanitarian and Mercury a smooth talker. Working together for community improvement could be the ideal outcome of Thursday’s lineup. Ready, set, revolutionize! Since a Mercury-Uranus conjunction can make us accident-prone, be extra careful when working with machinery or driving (Mercury) and also electronic equipment (Uranus). Keep that glass of water FAR from your laptop and lock your phone in your bag when you take the wheel.
PS: Because these Mercury transits all happen so close together, it’s likely that we’ll feel them at the same time—and their effect will linger throughout the whole week. Confusing? Yeah, just a little bit. To make it through this mind-boggling minefield, slow down, treat every situation with care, and pay attention to the people who are within earshot before sounding off on situations! Mindfulness is the name of the game, but hey, life could get really interesting when we treat it as if every moment counts!

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