Astrotwins Weekly Horoscopes for May 2nd thru May 8th 2016

Weekly Horoscopes

Bigger, stronger, faster! This Tuesday, May 3 the glowing Sun forms an expansive trine (120-degree angle) to bountiful Jupiter, making us all crave…MORE. Both planets are parked in Earth signs: the sun in Taurus and Jupiter in Virgo, and the focus could fall on material security and money-earning. Nothing wrong with wanting to pad our pockets or build a legacy for generations to come. But Jupiter is retrograde (along with messenger Mercury), which means finding any sort of fortune could also require us to peek at our past. For example, are we burning as fast as we’re earning? How are we using the resources we already own? And are we forgetting to clock other currencies like time, energy and intellectual properties? This transit can make us incredibly creative when it comes to getting what we want. A thin wallet doesn’t mean we’re out of options. Working the barter system or offering up hours of volunteer time could be a great way to fund our desires.
On Friday, 2016’s only new (super)moon in Taurus showers the world with another dose of practical magic. Where have plans become overly complex? This lunation reminds us to break it all back down to basics. Having a secure foundation is the pre-requisite to building our castles in the clouds. Give those blueprints a once-over—or draft them anew. Slow-and-steady Taurus would prefer we play the long game and arrive at our goals with integrity and quality in check. This earthy Taurus moon reminds us to value the natural resources around us as well. Get back into an eco-chic groove. That gum wrapper you drop on the ground, the paper you dump in the trash instead of the recycling, the company you choose to fund when voting with your dollar—it all matters; it all has an impact.
On Saturday, the Sun makes a second trine to plumb-the-depths Pluto. Like a giant flashlight shining on our psyches, this transit can illuminate our buried desires, unconscious needs and even some of our own shadowy behavior. It can be difficult to look at ourselves through this lens, especially if our actions of late have hurt anyone. But owning our s*** and then cleaning it up is part of the growth process. Awareness is the first step in making a change and if we’re willing to get real about our mistakes this weekend, transformational Pluto can help us rise like the phoenix from the ashes.
Sunday is Mother’s Day and this year’s celebrations come with a complex twist. Four heavenly bodies will assemble into a combustible Grand Cross formation: the double-talking Gemini moon, self-righteous Saturn in Sagittarius, know-it-all Jupiter in Virgo and crisis-junkie Neptune in Pisces. Talk about a complex cosmic council! Personality clashes are more than just a little likely, which means maybe you shouldn’t invite crazy cousin Sheila along to brunch because you feel bad about leaving her out. If your mom has a special way of pushing your buttons—and you hers—opt for activities that divert you away from heated discussions. Hit a matinee or go for a museum date…and if she decides to critique the show, let her sound off without taking it personally. Because really, it’s not.

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