Astrotwins Weekly Horoscopes for May 30th thru June 5th, 2016

Weekly Horoscopes

Should you hold on tighter or loosen your grip? This week, the answer is: Both. Planets assemble into two impactful formations this week—an auspicious Grand Earth Trine and a disorienting Grand Mutable Cross. Certain areas of life will flow beautifully, while others may flounder, forcing us to be flexible and forage for resources, support and stabilizing solutions.
The Grand Earth Trine—which essentially looks like a perfect, equilateral triangle being formed between three heavenly bodies—is at its most potent on Thursday, June 2: The players here are the security-loving Taurus moon, savvy Jupiter in Virgo and strategic Pluto in Capricorn. Because these are all earth signs, our focus turns to material world concerns like money, possessions, traditions and ethics. Those of us who have been working hard could finally hit that tipping point, enjoying a well-deserved windfall. Fortune favors the bold under this trine, so Thursday’s the day to pitch, present or position ourselves for a promotion. Ponder this: What do you actually consider valuable? This transit can help us create more of that, or lock down a greater sense of certainty with our jobs, incomes, and other assets. Cash isn’t the only currency, of course. The way we spend our time, and who we spend it with could also get an upgrade. Give those salt-of-the-earth types more points than the sparkleponies! (For more on Grand Earth Trines check out this article
While Grand Trines can bring ease, they can also make us a little complacent. We may lean towards the safe, easy and comfortable route instead of stretching our limits. Enter the Grand Mutable Cross—which involves planets forming a near-perfect square in the sky ( (Or if you were to draw lines between the opposing pairs, it would look like a cross.) Warning: This ain’t no ice cream social, easy, breezy meet and greet! A Grand Cross can be combative, combustible and crazymaking! And with all the planets in mutable signs, there will be moments this week where we have to remind ourselves that the only thing constant is change. This Grand Cross, which is at its most potent on Friday the 3rd, will feature the Sun and Venus in whimsical Gemini opposing uptight Saturn in high-minded Sagittarius, plus foggy Neptune in Pisces opposing detail-obsessed Jupiter in Virgo. How to balance all these opposing and clashing energies? Let things move! And move more yourself—physically, emotionally, mentally! Grand Crosses push us to make long overdue changes; no more procrastinating! And these meltdown moments can be blessings in disguise. When thing falls apart, a portal to new possibilities opens. In the words of Lao Tzu, “When I let go of what I am, I become what I might be.”
With all this tumult, Saturday’s new moon in Gemini will be like a breath of fresh air—and a kiss from Cupid, too, as this lunation falls at the exact same degree as romantic, artistic Venus in Gemini. Where there’s been struggle, embrace the power of partnership. Kindred spirits pop up like kale starts this week, and with social Venus in the mix, we could meet them at parties, cultural events or through our existing friend groups. Romantically, this new moon reminds us of the importance of being best friends with our lovers. If everyday life isn’t presenting common ground, stake some out! Initiate a shared venture, co-created project or adventurous plan for two. Solid Saturn will oppose this new moon, reminding us not to rush into any tag team efforts. As effervescent as people may be in a social setting, only time will tell if they have the character and commitment to back up their charm. Let connections evolve organically. The keepers will reveal themselves soon enough.

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