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Astrotwins Weekly Horoscopes for May 9th thru 15th, 2016

Weekly Horoscopes

Give the world service with a smile—and maybe throw in a little kick step with that grin. This Monday, May 9 lucky Jupiter rouses from a retrograde and powers forward in helpful, efficient Virgo until September 9. The spirit of mindfulness returns after an extended hiatus. With Jupiter retrograde since January 7, we may have forgotten just how much every little word, though and action counts. (Though some of us have been harshly reminded through our mindless misdeeds. Oops!) Worldly Jupiter inspires travel and education, and in systems-freak Virgo we could pick up some organizing principles from crisp, clean Scandinavian or Japanese design—and maybe journey to those regions for a research trip. Virgo is also the healthy-living sign so peripatetic Jupiter’s pivot inspires us to hit the mat or the outdoor running trail, and book that yoga retreat that’s been calling.
On Tuesday, Jupiter slays again, forming a rare trine (120-degree angle) to glamorous, amorous Venus. Both planets are the “great benefics” of the solar system, meaning their properties are primarily positive. Get ready for a huge heart-opening or a sudden, undeniable realization about a romantic attraction. With risk-taker Jupiter pouring on the truth serum, these amorous feelings should not be left bottled up—unless, of course, blurting out “I’m so into you!” could bring drama and disruption to people’s lives. The only downside of Jupiter is that it can make us leap before we look and not consider all the facets of a situation, particularly the ones that require some troubleshooting. Fortunately, with Jupiter in Virgo and Venus in Taurus, both grounded earth signs, we’re likely to have our feet planted on terra firma, even if our heads are in the clouds and stars are in our eyes. Since Venus governs our luxurious purchases, this connection to worldly Jupiter can inspire a splurge on an imported item, a decadent day at the Korean spa or yes, that foraging trip to one of the great global markets.
Friday delivers a balancing quarter moon in Leo, the sign of creativity, romance and self-expression. As much as we want everyone to just “get” us on sight, sometimes our outsides don’t translate as a proper expression of our insides. Under these moonbeams, consider some moderate “rebranding.” With Mercury retrograde until May 22, this is NOT the time for an extreme makeover. But a basic makeUNDER could be fun to play with. Leo tends towards flamboyance though, so adding some pops of color, edgy accessories or flowery metaphors—in moderation—can take everything from good to great.

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