Astrotwins Weekly Horoscopes for November 16th thru 22nd , 2015

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Giving the muse the cold shoulder again? Cut. It. Out. “Unused creativity is not benign,” Brene Brown asserted (in yet another tweetable moment) on Elizabeth Gilbert’s Magic Lessons podcast: If you’ve allowed perfectionism to keep you from pursuing a passion, here’s some good news. On Wednesday the 18th, dreamy and inspirational Neptune snaps out of retrograde mode and powers forward through Pisces—one of the most imaginative signs of the twelve. Neptune’s retrograde started on June 7, which may have temporarily stalled some of our more artistic missions. But this backspin also pushed us to dig deeper and draw our visions from the farther reaches of our souls. Creativity is catharsis—and with Neptune resuming forward motion, it might just become a way of life once again instead of something we have to sneak off and do in between all our weighty obligations. Guilt, shame and codependence are the shadow side of Neptune. We’ve likely dabbled in those emotions a-plenty since June. But pulling ourselves out of the morass wasn’t easy since our subconscious minds were blanketing us in an extra layer of fog. The blurred lines and cloudy judgments begin crystallizing into golden lessons come Wednesday. Nope, we aren’t going to make THAT mistake again—but hey, we wouldn’t know where to draw our boundaries unless we bumped into a barricade every now and again.


Those higher truths and epiphanies keep pouring in all week as the Sun lingers in mystical, transformational Scorpio until Sunday then moves on to wisdom-seeking Sagittarius until December 21. We might be a bit more secretive during the workweek, preferring intimate encounters with the ones who know us well. Scorpio time IS sexytime, too—but only if lust and trust go hand in hand. Making a well-time and seductive move could be quite delicious during the weekdays.

When the Sun blazes into Sagittarius for a month on Sunday, we’ll be ready to own our s*** —and maybe even turn it into a self-help e-book or a stand-up comedy routine. The lock is pried off Scorpio’s chamber of secrets as the live-out-loud Sagittarius energy takes hold. Doubling the shoot-from-the-hip vibes is Mercury, which also leaves Scorpio and moves on to Sagittarius from Saturday until December 10. This could be a “say anything” kind of weekend for sure.

When it comes to our entertainment RDA, we’d rather explore new vistas than hang around that dimly lit neighborhood pub now. Make sure your passport is up to date because the jetsetting urges will be strong! With serious Saturn also in Sagittarius for two plus years, we won’t just travel without SOME sort of purpose. Our jaunts could be business related or even to help out a relative or friend in need. Relationships that are too complicated will cramp our style now, as Sagittarius is one of the most independent energies of the zodiac. Cross-cultural relationships will thrive—and long-distance ones have a real shot at success now too. Want to keep the fires burning? Book a pair of tickets to a new corner of the world—perhaps your ancestral homeland or to take a workshop together that is centered around building a solid, fulfilling relationship.

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