Astrotwins Weekly Horoscopes for November 23rd thru 29th , 2015

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Should you grip the wheel tighter or just let go? This week the answer is: Both. Structure-hound Saturn locks into a tense square (90 degree angle) with Neptune, the planet of surrender and release. This tangled angle can drive up our inner control freaks—not to mention our escapist tendencies. One minute we’ll be barking quality control commands and fussing to ensure that everything is “just so.” The next we’ll be carping to anyone within earshot that we feel so overwhelmed (perhaps to the ill-advised tune of, “I need a drink!”). While planetary squares can bring challenges they also illuminate our need for better balance. With Saturn in expansive Sagittarius and Neptune in boundary-blurring Pisces our failure to set limits could be the true culprit behind our stress. As much as we hate to miss out on a good thing, scattering in too many directions will water down our efforts. Saturn demands mastery while Neptune brings divinely guided inspiration. Focusing on less—but doing an impeccable job with the tasks we take on—is the name of the game. Being too understanding is also an issue.

Compassion is great—but not if we are justifying other people’s dominating or inappropriate behavior. The Saturn-Neptune square can straighten up our backbones, pushing us to stand up for ourselves and give a bully the what-for. What’s also crucial to remember this week? That “No” is a complete sentence. Use that magic word judiciously…no need to explain your reason for taking a pass. Just turn down the offer with gratitude and acknowledgment. (“Thanks for thinking of me, but no, I won’t be able to do that.”) PS: This is the first of a trilogy of Saturn-Neptune squares. The theme of gracious assertiveness and healthy boundaries will be threaded through 2016 with sequels on June 17 and September 10.

Thursday is Thanksgiving—and whether you’re celebrating, boycotting or ignoring it altogether, you won’t be able to give the stars the cold shoulder. Not only is this the exact day of the Saturn-Neptune square but one day earlier (Wednesday), the full moon in Gemini enters the equation, adding a third corner (called a T-square) to the configuration as it opposes Saturn and squares Neptune. Gemini is the sign of partnership, cooperation and communication—on a good day. So don’t be surprised if this week serves up an amazing alliance with a kindred spirit, even a BFF or sibling. We could have those soul-baring, keep it real conversations with the people in our life and FINALLY feel like we’ve laid all our cards on the table and can see eye to eye.


But when Gemini energy is off, it feels like Mean Girls reprised with gossip, sibling and peer rivalry, manipulation and double-speak. Combustible? You’d better believe it! Little quibbles could erupt into major debates under this full moon T-square. This is especially likely if we don’t heed Saturn in Sagittarius’ warning label to speak tactfully and stay away from those hot-button topics like, say, the 2016 presidential debate or present day race relations. With Neptune’s victim-y (and shadowy even) vibes in the mix we’ll also need to be mindful about whom we play “true confessions” with. Don’t go whispering family secrets in the kitchen while the turkey is being dressed! Your big-mouthed cousin who just so happened to be eavesdropping around the corner could blurt them out around the table. It’s just one of those weeks where taking the high road—and even avoiding people who push our buttons—would be highly advisable.
Should the s*** hit the fan midweek, Sunday’s stars can help us regain our footing. The Sun and Saturn meet up in Sagittarius bringing a dose of practical magic and the confidence to tackle our ambitious end-of-year missions. If the mercurial Gemini full moon left us wondering what we REALLY believed, the Sun-Saturn conjunction crystallizes our truths. Saturn is modest: We don’t have to go shouting it from the rooftops or announcing our white light insights to our entire Facebook community—which will probably just spur unwanted feedback anyway. Instead, we may choose to depart from affiliations that are out of alignment or strategically explore a new area of growth. Sagittarius is the sign of travel and higher learning. If you find yourself in a weekend funk, booking a self-development seminar or yoga retreat could restore the feel-good vibes.

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