Astrotwins Weekly Horoscopes for November 2nd thru 8th , 2015

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Love, lust and longings fulfilled—this week reads like a Nicholas Sparks novel! On Monday, November 2 cosmic couple Mars and Venus team up at the same degree of Virgo, joining their passionate forces. This is actually the third of three heart-to-hearts they’ve held in 2015. During the February 20 conjunction in fiery Aries they set off major sparks and brought out the romantic renegades in us all. Their second rendezvous took place in sizzling, theatrical Leo on September 1, stoking the embers further. But Venus happened to be retrograde during this sequel, and some old drama may have been dredged up. Missed connections or unclear signals have been hovering in the ether ever since.

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This week, we’ll have a chance to stabilize while we romanticize. Virgo is the master planner and pragmatist. Instead of fairy dust, we’ll get some practical magic sprinkled over our love lives this week. But don’t scoff at the small stuff! Coordinating schedules, agreeing on budgets, figuring out whose parents to visit over the holidays—these all seem like minor things, but when they’re off kilter it can feel like tectonic plates are shifting beneath our feet. Need to clean up some issues from the end of summer? Start with a simple yet sincere apology—and please don’t follow it up with justifications or the word “but.” Woo with old-fashioned, analog moves this week, too. Instead of sending a Snapchat, slip a love letter in the mailbox. Pick up the phone to say hi instead of firing off a text.

The Mars-Venus merger doesn’t only rule love. Virgo is the sign that governs our daily habits, healthy living and acts of service. Instead of just slogging through the motions (or running on three cups of bulletproof coffee) tap the creative powers of Venus to turn your routines into rituals. How can you make your daily tasks just a little more pleasurable? For example, set up a gorgeous environment in your workspace so you get an aesthetic rush when you look up from your computer screen. Wear clothes that are comfortable but also make you feel attractive—yes even when dashing off to the gym or to pick up the kids from practice. Take a few extra minutes in the evening to prepare a nourishing lunch for yourself that you can bring to work the next day—you might just make a couple extra portions of your nightly dinners for this purpose. And when the moment of choice arises to either be helpful or pretend you didn’t see someone struggling, stop and give ‘em a hand for two seconds. The caring vibes will come back to you in the form of genuine support and connection with the people you see every day.


On Sunday, Venus takes off for a solo spin, dancing on to Libra until December 4. Peace, love, and harmony? Yes, please! Libra is Venus’ natural home, so this will be a golden phase for getting along—and getting together. If Cupid’s arrows missed the mark earlier, his target practice will yield better results by the week’s end. It’s time to collaborate, cooperate and communicate with joy once again. And indulge: We’ll have a weak spot for fine food and clothing, sparkling jewels, music, art, and general revelry.  (Lucky for the people who are on our early holiday shopping lists!) Nothing’s too rich for our blood now. But hey, what’s the point of working so hard if we can’t enjoy the spoils of our efforts?

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