Astrotwins Weekly Horoscopes for November 30th thru December 6th , 2015

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Make a list and check it twice. On Wednesday, December 2 (our birthday—throw your hands up, woohoo!) a quarter moon in efficiency-minded Virgo helps us balance end of year goals against the realities of the time-space continuum. There are only 24 hours in a day (le sigh). Jamming too many Q4 goals onto December’s calendar can bring undue stress to this festive season. So what’s really a “necessity” and what can actually wait until 2016? This quarter moon helps us discern. Review calendars and strive for a healthier balance between work and play—both being of equally non-negotiable importance. Vital Virgo energy also brings a PSA about keeping it healthy for the holidays. Butter, sugar and white flour might be the “seasonal ingredients” du jour but add some clean, green and vitamin-rich ones to the menu, too.


Vixen Venus changes signs on Friday, slinking into seductive Scorpio until December 30. The countdown to 2016 comes with an extra dollop of sex appeal! Wrap up in the two-person Snuggie and let the friskiness commence. But privacy please! Venus in elusive Scorpio keeps the fun behind closed doors. No need to change that relationship status on Facebook, post curiosity inducing ‘grams of ring finger bling, or even tell a soul about your latest escapades. Let it be “our little secret.” We may find ourselves drawn to the mysterious types and even the brooding bad boys and girls. Enjoy some cat and mouse games, too—however, anyone too hard to catch could lose our interest between now and December 30. Conversely, don’t be TOO mysterious or impossible to pin down yourself. The green-eyed monster could make cameos a-plenty with Venus here! Leaving something to the imagination? Yes. Riling up jealousy? Not a good idea. Twinkling lights and colorful ornaments? Fine for those snow-frosted trees. But when it comes to our clothes, reach for ebony-hued everything in December. Venus in Scorpio loves when we paint it black!


Keep your guard up this weekend: Warrior Mars forms a combative square (90 degree angle) to controlling, domineering Pluto and tempers will flare. A clash of egos could turn into an epic showdown if we aren’t careful. These hotheaded energies can make us lash out rashly and with extra force or sting. Beware the wolf in sheep’s clothing, too! The person who seems too protective could have predatory intentions—or a secret agenda they are trying to push. Both of these lusty planets can stoke the passion and pleasure principle. Simmering attractions could explode, but they could also get complicated quickly. Get a grip before you strip!

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