Astrotwins Weekly Horoscopes for October 26th thru November 1st , 2015

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Welcome to the Quiet Storm. On Tuesday, October 27 the full moon in slow-jamming, sensual Taurus reminds of us the power of presence. The past is the past and the future unscripted—but we so often miss THIS very moment by dwelling on both. Reduce your speed so you can luxuriate in this full moon’s earthy and all natural vibe. (So fresh and so clean!) This is a time for reveling in nature’s beauty: Wander through the farmer’s market—or sign up for a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) box delivery—and pick up seasonal produce to pop into new recipes. Revel in the fall colors if you live in a place where the leaves are turning crimson as the wind shakes them free from the branches. Adopt the analog mindset and try doing things the old-fashioned way. This week, that maker’s mindset could be more pleasing than the tech geek’s. And while you’re sipping your craft cocktail made with locally sourced organic apple cider, tell them how you REALLY feel. Taurus is the sign that governs our values AND the throat chakra. Straightforward dialogue is the name of the game. Hey, this could even bring up some lively debates provided we don’t fall prey to the pitfall of this full moon: that “stubborn like bull” tenacity!
Halloween falls on a Saturday this year—a lovely convenience for all the costumed revelers out there. The stars align for a soulful celebration, too. The moon will be in Cancer, forming a free-flowing trine (120º angle) to the Scorpio Sun. With both heavenly bodies in sentimental water signs, add a twist of nostalgia to your festivities—and your costume scheme. Dress up as a character from your favorite teen-idol movie: Molly Ringwald in her upcycled Pretty In Pink prom dress…or maybe as the cast of The Breakfast Club for a group themed masquerade? With celestial stylista Venus parked in Virgo all week, we’ll all be feeling as crafty and DIY as “Andie Walsh” herself! On the Virgo note, naughty nurses, nuns and schoolgirls and boys could top the list of Most Popular Costumes in 2015. And who wants to host a house party? The cozy Cancer moon may keep many of us in homebody mode on Halloween. But hey, once the candy-grubbing trick-or-treaters stop ringing the bell, push back the furniture and turn the living room into a dance floor. PS: Go easy on those boozy “vampire’s blood” concoctions, as the emo energy of Cancer and Scorpio can make us reach for social lubricants to lower our inhibitions. No one wants to be THAT girl or guy, making the weepy 2AM shouldn’t-a-done-that confessions via Snapchat or slurring, “I luvvvvvyoooo guys…” while friends drag you off to the porcelain goddess in your Destructa X costume. Eek!
Seduction Sunday, anyone? As we wake up (in our make up) to the first day of November, messenger Mercury slinks into scintillating Scorpio until November 21, simmering alongside the Sun. This marks the end of an extra-long tour through Libra for Mercury—one that began on August 27. Why yes it IS getting hot in here: After Libra’s casual and carefree vibes, Mercury in Scorpio is playing for keeps! This Mercury phase spices up our pillow talk and turns up the temptress energy big time. Keep those cards a little closer to your corset. The mysterious act can be a turn on here. But that doesn’t mean we should be so elusive that no one can lift the latch on our chamber of secrets. Mercury’s tour of Scorpio helps us lock down intimate and long-lasting alliances, with people whom we can REALLY trust.

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