Plutonomics: Gold, Silver, Bitcoin 2020, 2021, 2022…

by Matthew Swann, Black Swann Astrology
Twitter: @blackswann1111 
published November 30, 2020

With the coming Great Conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn arriving at the December 21, 2020, Winter Solstice, I predict Bitcoin will begin to experience dramatic price increases as Bitcoin FOMO grips the global markets.

As these two planetary powerhouses exit fiscal Capricorn and unite in the earliest degree (0°29′) of technological Aquarius, savvy financial institutions will go “all in” for the hearty Capricorn-ruled Bitcoin, whose January 3, 2009, birthday will make it a healthy 12-year-old GOAT and the best-performing asset of the year. The Great Conjunction will mark the beginning of what we are calling The Aquarius Decade.

Bitcoin prices will continue to spike as fiat currency is debased.

We can expect several price spikes for Bitcoin in 2021 that will dwarf all previous price run-ups, truly parabolic in nature.

Do not be surprised to see Bitcoin rise in robust legs of 10K+ in the immediate, short term and long term, intermixed with savage profit-taking as it’s the only major “hard” currency rising compared to debased fiat currencies like the US stimulus dollar.

Bitcoin supply shock will bring its value over 10 million yuan.

Given the mining constraints of Bitcoin and the global demand, the mother of all supply shocks will drive Bitcoin to dizzying price levels, equaled only by its volatility. With Bitcoin fast becoming the next alternative reserve asset, nearly everyone will be a buyer, coveting and placing the paradigm-shifting Bitcoin in cold storage. I also predict that Bitcoin will hit 10 million yuan in price (CNY 10,000,000.00) between 2025-27.

Precious metals will appeal to the more risk-averse.

With the anticipated arrival of the Biden presidency as we head into our second COVID-19 winter, gold and silver will also enjoy continued high-volume purchasing for the risk-averse. The metals will ride the stimulus/selloff price rollercoaster throughout the first half of 2021, before resuming their steady climb in price, a trend continuing for many years. Silver will (finally) have its breakout year in 2021.

In addition, both 2020 and 2021 are Metal-ruled years in Chinese astrology. 2020 was ruled by the shrewd Metal Rat and February 2021 will be presided over by the steady, conservative Metal Ox.

The Aquarian Decade will find investors seeking a new, technologically-advanced safe haven asset.

As Saturn enters the sign of the people, Aquarius, with Pluto soon to follow in 2023 for a long run that spans two decades, the nature of our currency will be subjected to historic forces and undergo radical transformation, fully reflecting both Plutonic evolution and Aquarian revolution (what we’re calling the Aquarian Technocalypse).

This will lead to wide-scale purchasing of gold, silver, and Bitcoin as investors seek a safe financial haven for their wealth. Expect the production of precious metal bullion at many mints to be backed up, allowing metal dealers to charge higher premiums for coins.

Planetary conditions will support the stalwart gold to rise, eventually reaching $5,000 by the end of 2025 as the great Aquarian economic reset will coincide with a boom in commodity prices that includes precious metals like gold and silver. (Swann feather of wisdom: Viewing gold and silver in relation to its purchasing power rather than its dollar-amount price is wise.)

Thank you,

Matthew Swann
November 22, 2020
Twitter: @blackswann1111

Matthew Swann is Astrostyle’s resident astrologer and long-time cosmic collaborator, whose geopolitical and financial astrology continues to reverberate across the globe with every earthquaking “black swan” prediction.

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