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Everyone has a purpose on this planet. Are you living yours? Introducing a program that can turn your soul’s calling into a profitable reality.

Every day, we speak to clients and readers who ask us: “What am I meant to do with my life? Am I on the right path?”

As we guide them through their charts and astrological signs, it becomes clear:

Everyone has a gift. But very few of us ever give ourselves permission to share it.

We’re scared we can’t make a living doing it. Nobody will buy it or want what we’re selling. Blah blah blah.

Having successfully built a business around ASTROLOGY (who would have thought?), we are living proof that an accidental talent can turn into a thriving company that supports you financially AND fulfills you emotionally.

If you’re an entrepreneur, or dream of turning your gifts into a full-time gig, we want to share about a program that radically changed our business and our lives.

That game-changer is Marie Forleo’s B-School.

Marie Forleo’s B-School is an 8-week video-based training course we took in 2011 that taught us how to “market” (a word we once thought of as vile) in a way that’s honest, heartfelt and from a place of service. It’s designed for any entrepreneur—budding or existing—to master the practical basics of launching a successful business using online marketing.

(You can take a tour of B-School here and watch Marie’s free training videos here—the third one features Marie interviewing Ophi about our business!)

marie forleo interviews astrotwins about b-school 2016Pin

Watch Marie Forleo interview Ophi about our business journey (at about 12 minutes in!)

You don’t have to be tech-savvy or even have an existing business set up to take this class. Marie teaches how to identify your audience, write copy that speaks to them, and to create offerings that they actually want. In fact, our best-selling ebook was born out of B-School.

Tools, resources and education: why being a lifelong learner is essential.

Anyone who reads our horoscopes knows: we love to recommend books, classes and insightful articles. We believe strongly in self-educating and being lifelong learners. And we are your guinea pigs! We’ve taken many personal growth seminars and online classes. But this program created such dramatic results, that we jumped at the chance to become official partners so we could share it with you—along with our exciting bonuses, including a free one-hour business astrology reading.

B-School really took our astrology business to a new level. We applied Marie’s practical advice, and within a few months, our mailing list signups doubled and our profits increased by 650 percent(!). This was all while we did business with integrity and stayed true to our message.

Here are some helpful links for checking out B-School and all its benefits:

• Take a Program Tour of B-School
• Read B-Schooler Testimonials
• Watch Success Stories from B-Schoolers
• Watch Marie’s 3 free business training videos

• Read 
our entrepreneurial & B-School story 
• Watch Ophi & Marie’s Periscope jam session on business & spirituality


2016 B-School registration is OPEN!
February 17-March 2
Register through our partner link to unlock our bonuses—including a free 1-hour career astrology reading with us.




The desire to make a difference: human nature?

After talking to thousands of readers and clients, we believe this: There is a divine spark in all of us that wants to make a difference. Human beings want to feel productive, like their natural gifts can be applied in a meaningful way.

Ophi on MarieTVPin

Ophi talks about finding your destiny on MarieTV

Not everyone wants to run their own business. But many of you guys do! You want to know your purpose. You ask how you can channel that into meaningful work, whether full-time, as a side business or within you current role as an “intra-preneur” inciting change inside a company. That’s why we’ve been official partners/affiliates for B-School for three years—to share a great resource that can help get your gifts out into the world.

Marie herself is extremely spiritual, and also one of our astrology reading clients. In fact, she even interviewed Ophi in this MarieTV clip about the post-2012 era and how to use astrology to find your life purpose. Oprah featured Marie on Super Soul Sunday, naming her a “thought leader for the next generation.” She’s also been recognized by Richard Branson and Tony Robbins. Pretty impressive! But it’s because she legitimately has the passion, knowledge and devotion for empowering entrepreneurs.


Marie on Oprah’s Super Soul Sunday

Why should you consider B-School?

Chances are, if you’re reading this, you’re a person who came here to make a difference. You might call yourself a lightworker, a healer, an earth angel—or else you just KNOW you want to leave the world better than you came into it.

We invite you to check out Marie’s free training videos and view case studies of past B-Schoolers. See for yourself if this program is for you.  If you feel that 2016 is YOUR year to go for it, we encourage you to sign up for B-School! Whether you launch part-time, full-time or one step at a time, don’t let anything hold you back from living your dreams.


2016 AstroTwins B-School Bonuses:Yours if you register through our unique partner link Feb 17-March 2.

If you  decide to sign up when B-School opens registration in a couple weeks, we will be offering THESE exciting B-School bonuses to anyone who registers through our unique affiliate link:

bonus-bubble2A 1-hour private business astrology chart reading with Ophira or Tali, to understand your birth chart and to plan your best businesses moves with divine timing.

bonus-bubble2Our 2016 Planetary Planner ebook 


Click here for all the bonus details! >>>



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