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CANCER & The 2014 Grand Cross

Crabs in a barrel? With expansive Jupiter in your sign from late June 2013-July 16, 2014, you’re growing in ways you haven’t for over a decade. As a nurturing sign, your acts of independence might threaten others, especially now. With Jupiter opposing shadowy Pluto in your interpersonal seventh house, you might discover people, perhaps even the ones closest to you, want to pull you back down into your old accommodating ways. They might be subtly (or not so-) acting out in an effort to keep you in “your place.” Your own codependent tendencies could flare up, and you could be seduced into playing the role of caretaker-to-the-world as an excuse to avoid the exciting but risky ventures calling your name.

This is complicated by the overlapping second opposition between stressful Mars in your domestic fourth house and disruptive Uranus in your career zone. There’s so much heat in both your home and professional lives that it could be hard to even focus on your own needs, much less find a moment to yourself. You may feel like the den mother/father of a rowdy group of scouts (or juvenile delinquents). Can’t anybody do anything for themselves around here?!

Possible solutions: Set up clear boundaries and expectations with people. Teach ’em to fish instead of catching the fish for them. Delegate and work with a coach or mentor. Don’t immediately rush in to put out every fire at home or work.

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