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A Ritual for the Capricorn New Moon to Revolutionize Your Resolutions


How ideal! The first new moon of 2018 lands in ambitious Capricorn, the zodiac’s future-minded goalkeeper, on January 16 at 9:17PM, EST.

There are five other heavenly bodies holding it down in earthy Capricorn during this new moon: The confidence-boosting Sun, savvy Mercury, creatrix Venus, strategic Saturn and alchemical Pluto. That’s some serious rocket fuel to get your resolutions into orbit!

Ritual: Resolution Revolution

The first new moon of 2018 always brings a galvanizing burst of energy, a challenge to level up. And with this new moon in ambitious Capricorn, quadruply so! The zodiac’s Sea Goat is always on the climb, seeking greater status and building a legacy for generations to come.

But here’s what we often forget about this zodiac sign: Capricorn has the head of a tenacious goat and a mermaid’s tail. A resolution without heart, soul and yes, magic, will struggle to make it to the finish line.

This ritual is a resolution revolution. Rather than allowing your inner taskmaster to create a punishing (and unrealistic) list, you’ll devise resolutions that warm your heart and light you up with joy and excitement. You’ll need a few blank sheets of paper for this ritual—and each resolution will need its own page. We don’t recommend tackling more than three per annual quarter. For some people, one is enough!

Write down your first goal at the top of a blank page. Make sure to state it as a positive instead of a negative— and be specific. For example, “Find A Job I Love” (positive) instead of “Leave the Job I Despise” (negative). Or “Get Back to My Yoga Practice” (specific) instead of “Start Working Out Again” (vague).

Then, answer the following questions:

• Where am I now?
• What lights me up about this goal?
• When I achieve this goal, how do I imagine I will feel?
• How can I make the process fun and enjoyable?
• Who in my life can support/inspire/encourage me with achieving this goal? What can I give them in return?
• What is the first small step I can take towards this goal?
• After that, what step can I take?
• I know I will have achieved this goal when (list three measurable results): ____________________

After you’ve finished answering these questions, close your eyes and visualize yourself already having achieved the goals. Let whatever feelings and sensations arise come up without judging them. You might even feel a little scared! Fear is natural when you’re stepping out of your comfort zone. That said, if you can’t access any other feelings like excitement or inspiration or joy, this might not be your resolution for 2018. Set it aside and repeat the exercise until you have up to three resolutions that light you up.

When you’re done, we recommend tacking your resolutions on a wall where you can see them regularly. You might first place them under a crystal to give them an extra metaphysical charge until after the next full moon.

Other Ideas:

  • Become a manifestation master by embarking on Danielle LaPorte’s The Desire Map.
  • Organize 3-4 friends into a mastermind group or a support squad. Set up a weekly (or daily) call where you share setbacks and triumphs and hold each other accountable in an inspiring way.
  • Sign up for a session with a coach, master teacher or consultant who can help you take your vision even higher.

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