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6 Signs Apart: Opposites Attract?

Opposite Sign Love Matches: Aries-Libra                   Taurus-Scorpio                        Gemini-Sagittarius Cancer-Capricorn        Leo-Aquarius                           Virgo-Pisces About This Match: Your opposite sign lives directly across the zodiac wheel...
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5 Signs Apart: Karmic Strangers

5 Sign Apart (Quincunx) Love Matches: Aries: Virgo, Scorpio                Taurus: Libra, Sagittarius        Gemini: Scorpio, Capricorn Cancer: Sag, Aquarius              Leo: Capricorn, Pisces             Virgo:...
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4 Signs Apart: Easy Breezy

4 Sign Apart (Trine) Love Matches: Fire: Aries-Leo-Sagittarius                   Earth: Taurus-Virgo-Capricorn Air: Gemini-Libra-Aquarius                 Water: Cancer-Scorpio-Pisces About This Match: Ah, home sweet home. The...
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3 Signs Apart: Friction

3 Sign Apart (Square) Love Matches: Aries: Cancer, Capricorn          Taurus: Aquarius, Leo             Gemini: Pisces, Virgo Cancer: Aries, Libra                 Leo: Taurus, Scorpio               Virgo:...
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2 Signs Apart: BFFs with Benefits

2 Sign Apart (Sextile) Love Matches: Aries: Sagittarius, Aquarius      Taurus: Pisces, Cancer             Gemini: Aries, Leo Cancer: Taurus, Virgo             Leo: Gemini, Libra                  Virgo: Cancer,...
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1 Sign Apart: Awkward Moments

1 Sign Apart (Semisextile) Love Matches: Aries: Pisces, Taurus                Taurus: Aries, Gemini              Gemini: Taurus, Cancer Cancer: Gemini, Leo               Leo: Cancer, Virgo                  Virgo: Leo,...
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