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So…what exactly happens in a reading?

* Readings are $250 and last 60-90 minutes
* Digitally recorded and e-mailed to you
* Skype sessions available for international clients
* 100% confidential
* Payment is due in advance of your session (at time of booking)

NOTE: Due to demand, we currently have a wait time of approximately 2-3 weeks. We will make every effort to serve you sooner, and will keep you notified of cancellations or earlier openings. Thanks for your understanding and patience!


What can I talk about in a reading?

Pretty much anything. We’re here to help you get clarity and understand what’s really going on. Here are some of our clients’ typical issues:

All About Me (or “who am I, anyway?”)
Your chart is a snapshot of the stars at your birth—a blueprint, or road map, of your soul. We’ll explain your chart’s strengths and challenges. From there, we give specific advice about love, career, health, or any topic you like, and give you a personalized “astro-prescription” for manifesting the results you desire.

Life Purpose (or “Help! I’m lost!”)
What am I meant to do with my life? Your chart contains a “destiny point” that reveals information about your true path.

Love & Relationship Stuff
Will I ever find “the One”? Am I in the right relationship? How can we get along better? We’re going through changes—what should I do? We’ll help you understand your needs and (if you’re part of a couple), those of your partner.

Family, Babies, Kids…Oh My!
Will I ever have a baby? Am I meant to be a parent? How can I understand my kids? My mom is driving me nuts—help!

Relocation: Should I Move?
Are you moving to a new home? Each city has a sign. Find out how well your chart gels with your desired location. Unlock answers for a happy transition.

Couples Reading: Help Our Relationship!
Did you know that your relationship has a sign and a unique chart of its own? By combining your birth data along with your partner’s, we reveal the destiny and purpose of your romantic union. Locate potential trouble spots and learn to navigate for long-lasting love. $350

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[one_third]testimonials_kris_carr“Ophi is my Crazy Sexy Oracle. I share my secrets, musings, and questions with her. And just like a gifted Sorceress (in heels) she blows my mind with spot on guidance and vision. I’ll call her before meeting with a potential partner and DANG, her insight is freaky helpful.” —Kris Carr, Author & Wellness Warrior, Kriscarr.com
[/one_third][one_third]testimonial_marie_forleo“My reading was SPOT ON! Their insight helped me make key decisions for my fast growing company. Their intuition is off the charts and she’s become one of my ‘secret business weapons.’ I cannot recommend them enough!” — Marie Forleo, CEO and Founder of Rich Happy & Hot, www.marieforleo.com
[/one_third][one_third_last]testimonial_gabrielle_bernstein“Ophi and Tali are my go-to guides for astrology. Their knowledge is incredible and their intuition is always spot on! I check in with The AstroTwins monthly for her guidance and support. I’m psyched to have them in my speed dial.” —Gabrielle Bernstein, Author of Spirit Junkie, Scorpio Read more client testimonials>

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