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Crystal Horoscopes: Healing Gemstones for Pisces Season


We’re excited to bring you our monthly Crystal Horoscopes column by spiritually savvy and dynamic Gemini, Chartreuse Tembo Barriere, founder and headMIZtress of The Venus Academy. Each month she will bring us tips on how to use crystals and gemstones for the astrological season, so we can stay aligned and in tune with the energy of both the heavens and the Earth. Enjoy! -Tali & Ophi

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This month’s crystal horoscopes teach you how to tap into the healing and compassionate spirit of Pisces. By working with the healing powers of crystals and precious gemstones, you can connect with your subconscious and release what no longer serves you.

divider2Crystals and Astrology:
Every planet and star sign has corresponding crystals that share their energetic resonance. Think of it this way: The planets are massive, heavenly rocks that influence the energy fields on Earth, while crystals are massive, inner-earth rocks that can also influence our bodies here on the Earth’s surface. In other words, just as the big planetary rocks in the heavens are an astrological macrocosm of our lives, the rocks below us in the earth are a microcosm of our experience. Consciously working with crystals and gemstones that correlate with the energy of each astrological season can benefit the mind, body and spirit.

As crystals form within the earth, rocks and minerals are in a constant process of transformation: creation, change and dissolution. The zodiac reflects this process from the spark of the birth of Aries (the first sign of the zodiac), the growth through the signs, and the completion and undoing in Pisces (the twelfth sign).

The Pisces Resonance:
This year, the Sun is in Pisces from February 19-March 20, shifting our focus away from the collaborative, team-spirited nature of Aquarius, bringing our attention inward. Ethereal Pisces is the star sign that governs the subconscious realm, helping us to surrender and release old patterns, habits and outmoded beliefs. 

Pisces is the natural mystic. As the final sign of the zodiac wheel, we complete the circle of life during Pisces season. Ruled by foggy Neptune, this mutable water sign wraps up the winter season and completes the life cycle before we begin anew with Aries come spring.

It is during Pisces season when we experience death of the ego, offering ourselves to the cosmos with our knowledge and experience—merging with the infinite before beginning the rebirth process.

Mutable signs end every season; they are the adapters of the zodiac and are a little bit older and wiser. As the only mutable water sign in the zodiac, Pisces energy is compassionate and accommodating. This is one of the most imaginative and artistic signs with many empaths among its ranks. As the sign symbolized by the two Fish swimming in opposite directions, Pisces rules the feet and toes of the body.

Just as new habits take about a month to become ingrained, working with a crystal for several weeks helps your body to integrate the new vibration in conjunction with the stone. Working with the 28-day moon cycles is ideal, especially for women. Or you could start working with a new stone at the beginning of the month, or the start of a zodiac season—or of course, whenever it feels intuitively right.

Healing Crystals for Pisces Season (February 18-March 20)

Crystals form when liquid magma from the earth’s core moves toward the surface, cools down to solidify, then crystallizes over millions of years.

Amethyst and labradorite are the two crystals I recommend for Pisces season, for those with strong Pisces or Neptune in their natal charts, and for those who want to tap into Piscean energy any time of year.

Properties of Healing Crystals


amethyst pisces season


Amethyst is the astrological birthstone for Pisces, and is one of the most commonly recognized and popular crystals. It is the purple manifestation of quartz crystal, of the trigonal crystal system, and is a primary mineral. Its colors range from deep purple, to light violet, to banded stripes of purple and white, and as such, it resonates with the third eye and crown chakras for higher insight.

Pisces, as a water sign ruled by illusory Neptune, tends toward escapism. Addictions form when an individual attempts to avoid higher truths or does not want to look at something that is calling for their attention. Pisces has such heightened intuitive perceptions, which can make this even more intense. Many Pisces natives, or those with a lot of Neptunian influence or powerful planets in Pisces, may turn to various habits or substances in order to filter out the extrasensory downloads.

As with everything in astrology, placements can go many ways: those born with high-minded Jupiter in Pisces, for example, are highly blessed in the realm of spirituality and bringing a higher perspective. (Run a free natal chart right here on Astrostyle to see if you were born with any planets in Pisces.) Amethyst can take you to the spiritual planes and open you to a different kind of reality, one of intense, but tranquil, meditation and selflessness.

Amethyst is a perfect stone for the spiritual wakefulness of Pisces. As a primary stone that forms initially from pure magma, amethyst is all about growth and learning processes. Amethyst has been known as the stone of sobriety and clear thinking since time immemorial, and was used to ward off drunkenness. Pisces season is a great time to fast and cleanse: there’s a reason why the season of Lent occurs during this time, and if you are working toward mental clarity and detoxification, keeping amethyst around will be highly beneficial now.

Amethyst also helps you to get rid of pain and release tension, especially if you suffer from migraines.


labradorite pisces season


Labradorite is a triclinic stone of the feldspar mineral class, and it forms in igneous rocks during the first stage of mineral formation. It is iridescent and displays flashes of any combination of blue, green and even orange and yellow radiant colors. It was discovered in 1770 on the Labrador peninsula near the top of Canada, hence its name, and is in the same mineral class as spectrolite, a similar looking stone which comes from Finland.

Pisces feels deeply and expansively—from the micro cellular level to the macro universal consciousness. Ruled by mystical Neptune, it is boundless, and also can come with delusions and illusions because it knows no borders and often wears rose-colored glasses. Pisces is the embodiment of ultimate empathy, and its symbol of the two Fish is also related to Christ Consciousness—which is about knowing one’s own personal power by sheer virtue of simply existing.

A classic Pisces Season conundrum, however, is getting stuck in a victim mentality. Pisces feels so much, that in its pursuit of wanting to serve and love others, it subconsciously signs up for the martyr role. Pisces embodies the savior and the rescuer, but tends to sacrificing the self in the process because it lacks boundaries. As a result of giving too much, resentment often ensues.

This is where labradorite comes in. I call labradorite the “illusion-buster.” Just like its beautiful spectrum of iridescent flashes of color, labradorite shows us the fullness of who we are beyond just the one role as the helper of humanity. Working concertedly with labradorite can bring big-picture clarity to only do what is appropriate and necessary for others, while also allowing them to learn their own lessons. It helps to combine unconditional love with tough love, and quickly reveal where you think you are helping—but are really only enabling or facilitating destructive behavior.

Labradorite is most powerful in meditation. It is also effective if carried around on your person as you move through the day, for that reminder to be clear and productive in your actions instead of giving away all of yourself to others.

Metaphysical Properties


Neptune rules Pisces and is super etheric, meaning that it represents the mystical, spiritual, foggy and smoky aspect in our lives. One could say Neptune brings inspiration and spirituality to the picture, but one could also say it is where we are delusional and confused. Because everything in astrology can go either way, depending on how you look at it.

Amethyst brings a sense of insight into the reality of the spirit. When used in meditation, it brings a sense of justice, honesty, and uprightness. In addition to its sobering effects, it quiets the mind so that we may find true inner peace. Amethyst is also a wonderfully loving stone to work with during times of sadness and grief. When we feel a sense of loss after waking up to the fact that we gave too much of ourselves away, amethyst brings that inner peace and helps us to understand the root causes of why we did what we did.

Since Pisces moves so fluidly between reality, imagination and mysticism, it is beneficial for these natives to bridge the dimensions with amethyst. It helps to block geopathic stress from the environment which causes dis-ease to your sensitive, empathic self. Amethyst creates a force field of sorts, helping you to maintain your boundaries so that you know where you end and another person begins.

We all wear rose-colored glasses at some points throughout our lives, and those with a strong Pisces influence tend to see things in the ideal form, rather than as they actually are. Amethyst helps us to honestly assess all our life experiences, even the unpleasant ones, so we can deal consciously with perceptions. As the amethyst continues to resonate with your body’s auric field over time, you will notice heightened concentration, more productive thinking, and the ability to overcome blockages and addictive behaviors.


Pisces and the twelfth house are also related to our self-undoing, suffering and martyrdom, and the false prisons we create for ourselves. These archetypes hold much of our subconscious imprinting, so this season is a great time for shadow work. If you choose to use Pisces season to detox and cleanse in any manner, keeping labradorite with you during the process helps to bring up your subconscious, forgotten memories and bestows true depth of feeling. 

Staying grounded is a challenge during Pisces season, since our feelings can seem as vast as the ocean. Labradorite brings a charge of reality back to your auric field while also allowing you to hone your intuition.

Pisces is also the creative artist of the zodiac. Their vision is beyond this realm, and working with labradorite stimulates the imagination. Its colorful flashes from its laminate structure help to also show us our goals and our soul’s true intentions, bringing them to form in the physical world. It mentally helps us to tap into our childlike enthusiasm and liveliness as well. And since Pisces is already so intuitive, labradorite’s mystical energy helps to fortify our mediumistic abilities.

How to Cleanse and Program Crystals

Crystals are largely comprised of silicon dioxide (SiO2), which is the material used in watches for timekeeping and silicon computer memory chips for storing large quantities of information. Thus, crystals are inherently programmable, and you can set your intentions for what you would like to work through with your stone.

Before working with any crystal, it’s a good practice to smudge (or energetically cleanse ) the stone by passing it through the smoke of a purifying type of incense such as white sage, Palo Santo, or frankincense and myrrh. Just as white sage is used to bless and clear a new home, smudging crystals neutralizes any previous energetic imprints in the stone.

To program your crystal, sit upright comfortably with your stone in your left hand, and place your right hand over the crystal. Take three deep breaths with the intention of attuning with the crystal’s vibration, and state your intentions either in your head, or spoken aloud. Sample intentions are offered below.

divider2Meditation, Intentions and Affirmations with Crystals for Pisces Season

Meditating with crystals during Pisces season can help us find healthy emotional release as we turn inward to promote healing. Since we are more prone to reach for vices or coping mechanisms during Pisces season, meditation is a powerful tool that can help us feel centered and safe. To make meditation a daily habit, start by spending five to ten minutes each morning focusing on your breath and working with these Pisces-themed intentions and affirmations for your meditation practice.

I recommend writing down the affirmations below with pen on paper, keeping them beside you as you meditate. Feel free to add your own Aquarius themes as you see fit. If you find it challenging to quiet your thoughts as you sit in silence, there are many meditation apps available, such as the Calm app or Headspace. Or, you can search for crystal singing bowl meditation tones or binaural beats on YouTube such as these:

Powerful Root Chakra Meditation video (15 min)
Binaural Meditation Music Channel (entire channel)
Crystal Pyramid Room Curated Meditation Videos Playlist (videos of different lengths)

IntentionMay I develop unshakeable inner peace.


I balance work and play.

I look within to find my strength.

I overcome all addictive behavior.

I give thanks for my beautiful soul.

I serve from a place of righteousness.

I distinguish between mind and emotions.

I decode the underlying causes of my choices.

Technique: Amethyst Dreamtime

Amethyst can be worn constantly in jewelry—pendants, bracelets and rings are ideal—and can easily be used to create a gem elixir. It also is the most ideal stone to place on the third eye in meditation, or to sleep with under your pillow. 

Since Pisces resonates so strongly with the dreamtime, I recommend sleeping with amethyst under your pillow. It will stimulate your dreams quite vividly for the first few nights, and after a few days, sleep will become calmer and more refreshing. Then during your waking hours, the amethyst will stimulate inspiration and intuition.

You can also place amethyst druses around your bedroom, perhaps one in each corner, to create an energetic force field that transforms the entire spiritual energy of your room.

IntentionMay I see through the mind’s eye.


I trust my natural intuition.

I am in tune with common sense.

I take constructive criticism in stride.

I am always grounded and protected.

I create boundaries to bring more freedom.

I raise my consciousness to the highest levels.

I believe others when they show me who they are.

Technique: Shadow Integration Dream Journaling

Similar to amethyst, labradorite’s natural illusion-busting energy is great to keep around you as often as possible as you go throughout your day. Working with labradorite and amethyst together can bring a powerful blast of insight to your process.

As you sleep with amethyst at night and carry labradorite during the day, pay attention to your dreams by keeping a notebook near your bed and taking time to write a stream of consciousness journal entry each morning immediately upon waking.

My book, the Yoni Egg Shadow Integration Workbook, is an active tool for journaling while doing the shadow work. It is geared toward women and their womb wellness, but the exercises are applicable to anyone who wants to work with crystals and their chakras, and decode their own astrological natal chart at the same time.

It is a workbook that asks you specific questions about your life, childhood, thought processes and memories. Every morning, there is a space for writing down your dreams, and every evening, there are new introspective questions about the crystal you are working with, your birth chart, your energy centers, and so much more.

Working with Pisces energy by keeping a journal of your dreams is a powerful and efficient way to gain clarity between your dreamtime and waking life.

This information should not be used for diagnosing or treating a health condition or disease and is not intended as a substitute for consulting with your physician or healthcare provider.

crystal horoscopes chartreuse tembo barriere

mizChartreuse, the headMIZtress of The Venus Academy, is a Zambian-American womb wellness astrologer, writer, and metaphysicist in the business of #DecodingTheAll. She is the author of The Yoni Egg Shadow Integration Workbook: Your 28-day Astrological Guide through the Womb Wellness Journey. From print to the web, mizChartreuse’s work has appeared at Tarot.com, AOL, Yahoo, HuffPo, AstroStyle, Numerologist, Sharpe Astrology and more.

Facebook: Chartreuse Tembo Barriere

Instagram and Twitter: @mizChartreuse

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