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Daily Horoscopes: September 14-15, 2019

Daily Horoscopes by The AstroTwins

Dream on! The annual Pisces full moon arrives Saturday at 12:32am ET, helping us surrender our stress and heal.  Balance is restored as Mercury enters Libra until October 3 and Venus makes its homecoming here until October 8.




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Aries Daily Horoscope by The AstroTwins

Aries (March 21 – April 19)

Who could benefit from your healing touch, Aries? With the Pisces full moon casting its beams in your compassionate twelfth house early Saturday, you’ll feel deep satisfaction from selfless giving. Be it time, advice or resources, you’ve got a lot to share. Extend your generosity to worthy people and causes. La luna could conjure up a mentor figure, giving you the chance to soak up some sage guidance. Is there an energy vampire in your midst? Someone’s less-than-flattering true colors could be revealed. Pull away from people with ulterior motives and focus on reciprocal relationships. Love wins in a big way beginning later this Saturday! Flirty Mercury, then amorous Venus sail into Libra and makes big waves in your seventh house of partnerships until October 3 and 8 respectively. Over the next few weeks, your intimate life will be ablaze with desire—and fulfillment! Single or attached, you’ll experience an undeniable shot of love as vixen Venus beckons. A casual fling can magically morph into the real thing. In a LTR? With proper light, water and maybe some fertilizer (in the form of a little boudoir R&D), your union could deepen or, if it’s been idling in neutral, reignite. See the full week >

Taurus (March 21 – April 19)

Raise your glass! Early Saturday, the full moon in your eleventh house of teamwork brings you and your mates something to celebrate. You could be filled with appreciation for your awe-inspiring posse. Don’t keep that a secret! From friends to coworkers to neighbors, you’re inspired to play superconnector. Introduce the savviest members of your squad and see if their chemistry ignites. Since the eleventh house rules technology, this is the perfect day for a digital launch or to press “publish” on a viral post. Put self-care on the calendar—as frequently as possible. You may not need a reminder once mindful Mercury, and then your ruling planet, decadent Venus, sweeps into Libra and your wellness zone later on Saturday. They’ll lounge here, in your sixth house of self-care, until October 3 and 8 respectively. Massage and spa pedicures are a good start, but this is also the time to take care of all your health concerns, whether you’re treating symptoms or using preventative medicine (like acupuncture or Reiki) to keep your mind and body in tiptop shape. Regular exercise, nutritious meals and sufficient hydration are the most holistic ways to get your gorgeous glow on! See the full week >

Gemini (May 21 – June 20)

Up, up and away! Early Saturday, a Pisces full moon in your ambitious tenth house gives your goals some extra gusto. All your hard work over the last six months could pay off as you reach a major milestone. If you’ve been feeling like a hamster on a wheel at work, la luna could reveal an exciting new path to pursue. Assist your ascent by investing in a business coach or reaching out to a mentor to fine-tune your strategy. Later Saturday, your ruler, flirty Mercury, then amorous Venus, sashay into your fifth house of fame, romance, and creative self-expression (until October 3 and 8 respectively). Don’t duck, Gemini! Over the coming weeks, you’re likely to get nailed by one of Cupid’s amorous arrows. Single Gems who’ve been wondering when love was going to arrive can pirouette back into the dating game. But don’t wait for amour to find you. Get proactive! Log back onto the dating apps, change your search parameters, get out more in IRL and meet people who share your interests. Couples will enjoy a romantic reboot between now and October 8. Put more playtime and dress-up dates on the shared calendar! See the full week >

Cancer Daily Horoscope

Cancer (June 21 – July 22)

“The whole truth and nothing but the truth” is your motto early Saturday as the year’s only Pisces full moon lights up your straight-shooting ninth house. Come clean, even if it shocks people or leaves you feeling vulnerable. This lunar light could also attract an opportunity from afar, perhaps to teach, study or work with a startup. Some Crabs might explore work in a different part of the country (or globe!) or finalize plans for an epic vacation. At the same time, you’ll want to keep the home fires burning when social Mercury, then design star Venus shift into Libra and your domestic fourth house later Saturday. With these convivial planets here until October 3 and 8 respectively, Maison du Crab will be a buzzing hive of activity. Keep snacks and drinks on hand for the impromptu movie nights and drop-ins from family. And when you look at your digs through beautifying Venus’ eyes, you may be inspired to deploy some of the decor inspo you’ve been collecting on Pinterest. Coupled Crabs could turn this into a joint project or, if you live separately, to start getting cozier in each other’s respective nests. See the full week >

Leo (July 23 – August 22)

Make it official…or call the whole thing off? Early Saturday, the year’s only full moon in Pisces activates your seal-the-deal eighth house, putting an intimate tie in the spotlight. You’re either in or you’re out under these extreme beams. Feel like you’re better together than apart? Take the initiative and raise the topic of exclusivity. Leos in long-term unions get jolted out of their slumber with some sizzling, sensual energy. Before diving headfirst between the sheets—or inking a binding business deal—make sure you smooth over any trust issues. Leave no stone unturned! Later Saturday, chatty Mercury and seductive Venus stride into Libra and your communication corner until October 3 and 8 (respectively), cranking up your magnetism to peak levels. To say you have the gift of gab would be a huge understatement. Got a big pitch to make to clients? Want to update your social media feeds? Have a webinar you’d love to get off the ground? Get moving, Leo! Keep an open mind when it comes to dating and forming new friendships. Some very different types could spark your interest—and surprising synergy. See the full week >

Virgo (August 23 – September 22)

Ready, set, commit! Saturday’s full moon in your seventh house of serious relationships could turn a developing connection into something substantial. Be it for business or romance, a shared future is on the table. If you’re already bound to your bond, la luna helps you harmonize and create a greater sense of equality. Keep the discussion focused on mutual desires and how you can craft a win-win. An engagement or exciting offer could arrive in the coming two weeks. Fiscal restraint could require major willpower starting this Saturday as impulsive Mercury and luxury-loving Venus lope into Libra and your material-minded second house until October 3 and 8 respectively. The urge to splurge may prove irresistible, but skip the unrestrained retail-therapy sprees. Instead, home in on a few “investment pieces” that are as practical as they are beautiful. (And are sure to make your heart sing every time you see them.) Research prices and find THE best deal—it’s a Virgo’s favorite challenge! Focus on the income column too. Over the next few weeks, you could talk and charm your way into a profitable opportunity. See the full week >

Libra (September 23 – October 22)

Reset! Early Saturday, a full moon in your sixth house of wellness and efficiency urges you to clean house, both literally and figuratively. Once you eliminate clutter, home in on tasks that will bring you the greatest gain. If you’ve been waiting on news regarding a work situation, la luna could deliver it over the next two weeks. But mute your inner people pleaser, Libra. If you’re getting the short end of the stick, make your needs known. Healthy living is also in the spotlight. Launch a fall fitness regimen or vow to kick a self-defeating habit. That said, without even trying, your radiance may be almost blinding before the weekend is through! For this you can thank buzzy Mercury and your galactic guardian, shimmering Venus. On Saturday, both planets zip into Libra until October 3 and 8 respectively, igniting your glow. Over these next few weeks, spend a little more time on your appearance, whether you’re perfecting a beauty ritual or rocking a new hairdo. Venus’ annual cruise through your sign serves a reminder (if you need it) that when you look your best, your confidence surges—and THAT can have a direct effect on every aspect of your life. Single Libras: Be proactive in your search for love but don’t let anyone tamp down your individual spirit. Attached? Add more romantic surprises into the mix, perhaps some wardrobe and lingerie updates. See the full week >

Scorpio (October 23 – November 21)

Lights, camera, action! A potent full moon in Pisces and your fifth house of fame draws loyal fans and new admirers into your orbit early Saturday. If you’ve got a message to share or a creative talent to show off, la luna green-lights your promotional efforts. You’re simply charm personified, Scorpio, so don’t hold back. On the romance front, a percolating connection could reach a full-on boil over the next two weeks. Be bold and get the ball rolling already. Even if you don’t, the fantasy will probably find YOU, Scorpio. Later on Saturday, flirty Mercury and amorous Venus drift into Libra and sprinkle a trademark blend of pixie dust into your dreamy twelfth house. Until October 3 and 8 (respectively), visions, daydreams and epiphanies might be more appealing than ordinary life. That’s not a bad thing! When it comes to creative and spiritual pursuits, you’ll be in constant communication with the muse. Romantically, this cosmic comb could sweep you off on a sweet escape. Turn inward and listen to your intuition. When that’s not forthcoming, however, don’t don the rose-colored glasses. Get the facts before falling in deeper! See the full week >

Sagittarius (November 22 – December 21)

Commence the nesting, Archer! Early Saturday, the Pisces full moon in your domestic fourth house could inspire you to revamp Chateau Sagittarius with fresh decor and the positive energy of guests. From repainting the bedrooms in bold tones to knocking down a wall or perhaps putting down a deposit for new digs, let your heart lead the way. Under these sentimental skies, you’re feeling nostalgic. Visit a beloved relative or put framed photos and family heirlooms on display. A compassionate woman could figure into events. Later Saturday, social Mercury and romantic Venus stride into Libra and your progressive eleventh house until October 3 and 8, respectively. While you’re a sucker for style, you’ll be far more attracted to a person’s intellect and ideals than what’s on the surface. (Though knowing you, you’ll still be giving that “packaging” a once-over). During this cycle, which emphasizes communication and connectivity, your biggest turn-on will be deep dialogues, brilliant banter and sparkling wit. Couples will enjoy spending more thought-provoking time together. Reroute your dates to town hall lectures, documentaries and pub trivia nights. See the full week >

Capricorn (December 22 – January 19)

It’s dynamic duo time! Saturday’s full moon in Pisces and your interactive third house could draw a kindred spirit into your sphere. Although this connection is most likely platonic, you’ll be excited to pursue the possibility of tag-teaming. An existing collaboration also get an inspired shot in the arm. Harness the full potential of your pairing and commit to a shared venture in the next two weeks. Exploring this synergy could pay off handsomely. Later Saturday, social mixologists Mercury and Venus shimmy into Libra, stirring up your tenth house of career until October 3 and 8 respectively. With this charming energy afoot, you might feel sparks with a colleague or someone you keep bumping into at industry events. This is also an opportunity to become friendlier with a few coworkers. It’s good for morale, plus you might have a lot more in common that you realize. (After all, where else do you spend 40-plus hours a week?) Venus amps up your creative juices, so try approaching a situation that has you stymied from a different perspective. You might get a rep as the office genius! See the full week >

Aquarius (January 20 – February 18)

Jackpot! Early Saturday, the year’s only Pisces full moon illuminates your second house of work and money, drawing an enticing offer into your orbit. If news of a promotion or an outside opportunity doesn’t manifest, keep your ear to the ground for leads over the next two weeks. If you’ve been sticking to your budget, you’ve got a cosmic thumbs-up to treat yourself to something sensible and sexy—perhaps a sleek new laptop bag or low-heel boots? Don’t impose limits or boundaries on love starting Saturday, when articulate Mercury and amorous Venus land in Libra and light up your house of worldly expansion until October 3 and 8 respectively. Single Aquarians should stay open to potential prospects, be they older, younger or from a different background or religion. Should you feel a spark, pursue! Attached Aquarians can reconnect by planning a couple’s getaway—maybe one featuring a class or workshop (academic or perhaps something a little steamier). Regardless of your relationship status, you’ll appreciate having the freedom to stretch in new directions. With the love planet in this jet-setting zone, long-distance love needn’t be a deal breaker. This can make you a more of a global citizen! See the full week >

Pisces Daily Horoscope

Pisces (February 19 – March 20)

Spotlight’s on you, Pisces! The annual full moon in your sign fills the skies early Saturday, giving you license to thrill. All your hard work over the past six months finally comes to fruition, so expect a standing ovation or two. Enjoy the accolades! This full moon could also trigger an aha moment about your personal desires, pointing you down a drastically different path. Be prepared to make a major change sometime over the coming two weeks. In between taking public bows, you might also feel like closing the door and drawing the shades. Things are about to get a whole lot more intimate as expressive Mercury and vixen Venus shift into Libra and vibrate through your seductive eighth house until October 3 and 8 respectively. Whether you’re single or happily attached, these coming weeks can help you steer a relationship into deeper waters. Need to get your groove back? Start with gentle movement, like yin yoga. (Some Pisces may find burlesque or pole- or belly-dancing more to their liking.) Creatively, you’ll do some incredible work behind the scenes. Leave lots of white space on the calendar. The muse might even wake you in the middle of the night after sending you inspiration in a dream! See the full week >

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