Taurus Pet Horoscope

The Taurus Pet: April 20-May 20

Does napping with your pet curled beside you sound like a dream come true? The Taurus pet is for you. This “lounge cat” is cuddly and affectionate and will make the perfect housemate. Training this pet to do tricks can be challenging since Taurus is a stubborn sign. Fortunately, they are naturally neat and clean. This is a pet who may already arrive housebroken! With their gourmet tastes, they’ll demand Fancy Feast, but since they’re also lazy about exercise you may have to regulate their diets. Craving a critter you can dress in couture? The haughty Taurus pet might just endure those rhinestone-studded collars, Burberry raincoats and miniature sheepskin booties. This sign loves touch: cuddling, stroking, brushing. Regular pampering at the groomer or “doggy day spa” keeps your Taurus creature content.

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