Farewell To The Fog: Neptune Retrograde Is Over


The fog is lifting! Today (Wednesday, November 18), dreamy Neptune snaps out of retrograde mode and resumes forward motion through its native sign of Pisces once again. Summon those spirit animals, light the candles and do some journeying! Neptune’s swings and sways can rouse deep thoughts, poetic passages, white light realizations and more. And the effects are doubled since Neptune is tracing a path through Pisces, the sign it governs, from 2012-2025

Neptune retrograde isn’t exactly a rare thing. Every year, the planet of dreams, escape and the subconscious mind spends about five months in the time-out chair. This pregnant pause brings a lovely window for reflection, deep healing, and behind the scenes creative developments. The trouble is, these visions may remain too watery while the god of the seas is in sleep mode. Hopefully we’ve all taken good notes since the retrograde began on June 7! Have unhealthy vices become more of a routine than a special indulgence? Since Neptune also rules our hidden fears, blurry boundaries and addictions, the retrograde may have riled up some self-undoing. Downing three cups of coffee in the morning and unwinding with a nightly bourbon could be keeping our bodies out of balance. All things in moderation is the new mantra, starting today. Divine guidance and intuitive hits were harder to tap while Neptune was retrograde. Some of us tangoed with the codependency demons, making excuses or enabling people’s downright shady behavior.

No mas!

As Neptune cranks the wheel and shifts into first gear again, we can see our escape tendencies for what they truly are…instead of making excuses or deluding ourselves. Denial ain’t just a river in Egypt, as they say.

Head’s up: for the next week or so, we could feel a tad disoriented. Did that REALLY just happen, we may wonder about events since June 7? Some of our choices could feel unsettlingly off-base, even like a blur. With hazy Neptune stationing (the astrological term for a planet’s switch between direct and retrograde motions) stay extra alert to avoid missteps or literal accidents. Take off the headphones while walking so you can use all your senses and forget about reaching for your phone at a crosswalk or traffic light. Our emotions towards lovers and friends could also run hot an cold. Wait a few beats before bringing up painful topics or unanswerable questions like, “Can you promise me that you’ll love me forever?”


Moving forward, Neptune continues its journey through Pisces. For the record, it’s been hovering over 7 degrees Pisces since September 16 and will remain at this degree until January 17, affecting Fish born between February 21 and March 3 a little (okay, a lot) more than the rest of us. But we can all tap into Neptune’s cosmic correction to calm the choppy seas. Here are a few suggestions for sailing on to smoother waters:

  • Make art, not war: Creativity is cathartic under Neptune’s beams…and we could even profit from our innovations
  • Find a great healer and a therapist too: Neptune governs hospitals and institutions, as well as the subconscious mind and we are ready to process all the deep thoughts that the retrograde stirred up
  • Talk to an elderly person: Neptune is associated with the sunset years of life and the wisdom gleaned from our elders.
  • Romance yourself: The enchanted planet reminds us that the pleasure principle begins with how well we nurture ourselves. Want to manifest someone who treats you like gold? Don’t wait for that royal to gallop to the door, give that gift to yourself.
  • Set better boundaries: Line-blurring Neptune is the planet of sacrifice. Sometimes we must make them, but detour out of doormat terrain, STAT! Neptune’s backspin can bring a parade of charlatans, slick salesman and people who just can’t walk their talk. Break free from these alliances and don’t feel bad about it.
  • Unpack from the guilt trip: Crisis-junkie Neptune can stir up feelings of guilt and shame. These base emotions only serve to bring us down. While we may need to extend an olive branch (forgiveness is also this planet’s domain) or accept an apology, we don’t have to worsen the situation by beating ourselves up.
  • Know what’s a crisis and what is a false alarm: During Neptune’s backspin our fears can wrest control, but we may be guilty of crying wolf or falling for someone’s dramatic bids for attention. Stop sounding the alarm—or ignoring it if you’ve been sweeping an ongoing issue under the rug.
  • Record your dreams: Nocturnal Neptune can send enchanted, uh, emissions in our sleep. Transfer them to the sheets…of paper, that is.