Who’s Your Astro-Daddy? Father’s Day GIFs for Every Zodiac Sign

Dad Zodiac Signs

Father’s Day, you may have heard, is this Sunday, June 21. And we’d be remiss if we didn’t profile the papas of the zodiac according to the stars. So we tip our cosmic chapeaus to the dads—and father figures—of every sign, with GIFs that sum up their astrological personalities.

Aries: The “I’m Alpha and You Know It” Dad


Move over, John Wayne—the Aries dad fears nothing, and other dads will defer to his top-dog status. Maybe it’s the way he walks (that swagger!) or isn’t afraid to brag. This papa is the leader of the daddy Darwin food chain, so don’t go messing with his clan.

Taurus: The “Yeah, I’m Still Into Your Mom” Dad


Touchy-feely Taurus never lets the romance die—in fact, your parents could have a love story for the ages (complete with passionate kisses that you witness, ew!). Still, he’s one of the warmest dads around and will effusively share his adoration and affection. Cuddle puddle time!

Gemini: The “I’ve Got an Opinion on That, Too” Dad


Ask a Gemini dad how he feels, and you’ll send his brain spiraling into a system-shutdown. Ask him what he thinks, however, and you’ll have a conversation that lasts into the wee hours. You may not agree with everything he says (and vice-versa), but once you engage his brilliant brain, you’ll be amazed at how much he keeps in there.

Cancer: The “I’ve Still Got It” Dad


Yeah he works out—why? Yes, he cried at The Notebook—who wants to know? Tender on the inside but tough on the outside, the Crab Daddy is that man of steel who can also feel. Somehow, he makes his inborn sensitivity look like an asset. Take notes, fellas.

Leo: The “Let The Good Times Roll” Dad


Bahaaahaaaahaaaa! HEEEEEhoooohaha! Oh sorry, we’re just trying to interpret this good-time padre’s guffaws, belly laughs and whoops. If Leo isn’t the loudest dad in the room, he’ll exude a regal presence that can’t be ignored. Come, bask in his rays!

Virgo: The “Did You Really Just Say That to Me?” Dad


Suffer fools? Not this padre. He wants to make sure you don’t miss an opportunity to be smart, sensible and self-sufficient. He’ll spend hours teaching you the technicalities to make sure you grow up into someone he doesn’t have to worry about. (Goodness knows this sign frets about enough!)

Libra: The “Sure, I’ll Give the Toast” Dad


How has fatherhood changed him, made him a better man? Ask the Libra dad and he’ll expound with gentle, lyrical prose that makes everyone misty-eyed. Even the sterner Libra fathers will still take paternalistic pride in their role as your provider and number-one guy.

Scorpio: The “We’re Better Than All These Mortals” Dad


Where’s Daddy? Oh, he’s busy building his empire and claiming total world domination for the family. He’ll be home by suppertime. As calculating as he is caring, this strategic softie of a dad will buy you a small country for your birthday and bake you homemade banana bread to celebrate.

Sagittarius: The “Let Me Teach You Something About Life” Dad


Teachable moment, anyone? The wise and wordly Sagittarius father can turn any lesson into a lecture. Yeah, it can be a little exhausting for the kiddos. Fortunately, he’ll crack a joke or make a ridiculous pun to remind you (and himself!) that he was once the class clown, before he became a dad and all.

Capricorn: The Secretly Silly, Straight-faced Dad


The Capricorn dad can take life so seriously, working around the clock and always fretting about providing for the family. But he has an earthy, wacky streak in him, too. While he might show his love by bringing home the bacon, kids also bring out the playful side he may have forgotten he had.

Aquarius: The “Clowning Around 24/7” Dad


Can he just be serious for a second? Oh, probably not. The Aquarius dad lives to clown around—he’s the father who loves to play with his kids, taking them on outings, coaching their sports teams, showing them the world. The price of admission for having a dad and BFF in one? His outrageous humor and pranks, which come when you least expect them. Prepare to be embarrassed—publicly and often. (For more of this Jimmy-Fallon/Chris Christie dance-athon, click here.)

Pisces: The “Mr. Sentimental Inside” Dad


Tender moments ahead! The sentimental Pisces papa can’t hide his soft side—and he might not even try. He loves to talk about the day you were born, to take pictures of you and recount precious memories. Even if this sign isn’t always the greatest husband, he’s an eternally devoted dad.


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