4 Flower Essences to Help You Shine During Leo Season

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By Kerri Aab, BFRP, seedtoblossom.com

Lights, camera, Leo time! For the next month, the stars zero in on self-expression and ask you to shine your big, beautiful, bright light for all to see. Make some bold moves, take some chances and treat the world as if it were your own personal stage.

For some of us, this is great news, but for others, it can provoke anxiety. What if shining your light or being bold and brassy isn’t your thing? Or what if it feels intimidating to put your authentic self out into the open?

Many of us are uncomfortable stepping out of our comfort zones or just letting our true selves shine. And there are just as many reasons why, despite all the help we get from from the stars, that we feel divorced from the playful, dramatic, expressive parts of ourselves.

To bring the boldness back, here are four Bach flower essences you can try to help you turn on the house lights and stop dimming your star.


Hold up…what are Bach flowers, anyway?

Bach flower essences are a system of 38 ingestible tinctures discovered by Dr. Edward Bach in the 1930s. Each one corresponds to a “negative” emotional state. These remedies can be combined into custom blends that work on an energetic level: They help to neutralize negative emotions and create space for the corresponding positive ones to emerge. They don’t promise to give you anything you don’t already possess. But rather, flower essences clear away the emotional gunk that stands between you and your innate inner peace and balance.

As a Bach Foundation Registered Practitioner, I’ve witnessed with amazement the profound action of these remedies time and again. I started using flowers years ago as a new mom dealing with deep postpartum anxiety and an energetic, always “on” Leo baby. The flowers worked so well to lift me up and calm my daughter down, that I started using them with friends and family, with wonderful results. Soon enough, I became a registered practitioner and I now get to share these powerful flowers with people every day.

4 Flower Essences for to Banish Fear, Self-Criticism & More

Here are four common reasons why we shy away from taking center stage in our lives and a Bach flower essence to help with each. One or two properly chosen flower essences can have you going from blah to brava in no time.

The Confidence Booster: Larch

Perhaps you don’t feel like shining your light, because you don’t actually believe you have a light to shine in the first place. Maybe your confidence is at an all time low and you don’t think you have anything worth sharing with the world. If you’re questioning your abilities, or your self esteem could use a boost, try Larch. This flower will help neutralize feelings of worthlessness, low self esteem and lack of confidence and create space for you to begin to tap into your brilliant luminosity.

The Fear Fixer: Mimulus

Chop your hair into a fabulous pixie cut? Never! What if it looks horrible? Try a new hobby? No way! What if you fail? Better to play it safe than risk negative outcomes. If you’re playing small because you’re afraid of what playing big might mean, then try Mimulus. The flower for all known fears and worries (i.e. fears you can identify and name), Mimulus can help dissolve attachments to fears that are holding you back and allow you to find the strength and confidence to try something new.

The Apathy Abolisher: Wild Rose

Maybe you really want to get out there and karaoke until 2am, but you just feel blah. Apathetic. Depressed.  If you’re stuck in a rut, feel resigned to a lack luster existence, or have lost interest in life, then Wild Rose is the flower you need to put some pep in your step and bring back that lovin’ life feeling!

The Self Hatred Soother: Crab Apple

Nothing will put a damper on radical self love and expression like a heavy (or even light) dose of self loathing. If you look in the mirror and all you see are imperfections, or you get up each day wishing you were someone else, then reach for Crab Apple. This emotional cleansing remedy will help you to see past your own perceived limitations straight to the unique and wonderful qualities you have to offer the world.

How To Mix Your Own Bach Flower Remedy

Do any of these ring a bell? Maybe more than one? Great! Here’s what comes next.

Choose the flower (or flowers) that best describe what’s keeping you from embracing your inner Daytime Emmy winner and head to a Whole Foods (or any health food type store) to purchase a bottle of Bach flower essences.

Once you buy them, mix two drops of each flower into a 30ml dropper bottle filled with spring water. Take 4 drops from that bottle, 4 times a day.  Effects are usually felt quickly, but long-standing issues may take a while to resolve. Give a blend three weeks to work before reformulating.

Dr. Bach was passionate about keeping his system simple so all people would feel empowered to use it. The worst that can happen if you choose an incorrect flower is…nothing! Feel free to play around and experiment. No one knows you better than you do, so choose the flowers that speak to you and let the energy of these powerful remedies do the rest.

kerri-headshotPinKerri Aab, BFRP is a Bach Foundation Registered Practitioner who is passionate about helping clients create emotional balance and live life in full bloom, using Bach flower essences as a guide. A native New Yorker, Kerri currently lives in Asheville, NC, but you can always find her dishing out flower empowerment at www.seedtoblossom.com. To book a professional consultation, contact Kerri at http://seedtoblossom.com/get-in-touch.


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