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Do a free birth chart to learn your personal astrology

by The AstroTwins

The birth chart, or natal chart, is a road map to your soul—the owner’s manual that human beings actually DO come with! Go beyond your basic Sun sign horoscope and discover the placements of ALL the planets (Venus, Mars, Jupiter, et al.) in your free birth chart.

The natal chart reveals keys to your personality. Do unlimited free charts for yourself and others. Discover your moon sign, rising sign (ascendant) and put the whole picture together!

Enter time*, date & place of birth in the fields below for an instant chart. (*Don’t know the time? Use noon or your best estimation.)

Without a birth time, you won’t be able to accurately learn your rising sign, or ascendant. Nor will you correctly know which houses the planets in your chart fall in. But there is still a LOT of data you can glean by entering your date and location of birth—so don’t let that stop you from checking out your astrology natal chart.