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Astropreneur Startup Stories

Hear how The AstroTwins helped students in Marie Forleo's B-School build their brands using the tools of online business and astrology!

Jen Cookson Felting Fiber Artist

"After doing B-School I feel like I have a black belt in marketing." Read Jen's story >

Taylor Cade Astrology Coach

"The AstroTwins taught me how to use my chart to develop a business centered around my natural talents and passions."

Read Taylor's story >

"I feel way more confident doing the marketing and business aspects of my work." Read Wolfgang's story >

Martika Cox Solopreneur

"I was a full-time mom—all I knew how to do was make art and post it on Instagram and Facebook. I didn't even have a website." Read Jill's story >

"During B-School, I made a huge change from working in an office to working from home full-time." Read Martika's story >

Dale Mayer Bestselling Author

"I saw how well I instinctively and intuitively lived my life in accordance with my chart—even when I hadn't known I was doing so!" Read Dale's story >

Elizabeth de Cleyre Texts + Textiles

"I held a lot of shame around seeming flighty or like I couldn’t commit to any one project. " Read Elizabeth's story >

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