Gemini 2017 Horoscope: Your Astrology Forecast

Your Gemini 2017 horoscope: What’s ahead for your Sun sign?

Adapted from The AstroTwins’ 2017 Planetary Planner

Love is in the air…and in your stars, Gemini! While your Mercury-ruled sign tends to feel most comfortable in the intellectual realm, the stars drop you into a new touchy-feely sandbox for much of 2017. Letting your heart rule over your head? Yup, believe it. Expansive Jupiter is in your passionate fifth house of joie de vivre, handing you the megaphone and putting your biggest emotions on loudspeaker.

Whether this starmap awakens deeper love affairs, lusty tete-a-tetes or more self-expression through your work and talents, you’ll experience it all in a rich and visceral way. Partnerships also continue to be serious business, whether for work or play, as Saturn rounds out its third and final year in your committed relationship house. Although you may be dancing and romancing with the world, you must carefully curate the cadre of kindred spirits who get inner-circle status. An even better idea? Bring ’em along on your adventures.

he key is to be bold—not exactly a tall order for your flamboyant sign. Turn some heads and make some noise!

Expansive Jupiter is spending 13 months in fellow air sign Libra, awakening your fifth house of love, passion and creativity until October 10. While 2016 saw you in more of a homebody mode, Jupiter sounds the call for a cosmic coming-out party. Debut a new hairstyle or look, share your creations with an exhibit or live performance. The key is to be bold—not exactly a tall order for your flamboyant sign. Turn some heads and make some noise! Admirers will be taking notice, Gemini, and since the fifth house rules that giddy, infatuated phase of love, single Twins may not want to rush to pare down their options. Enjoy the bounty of admirers that come your way now…and let yourself be courted, adored and spoiled.

The fifth house rules self-expression, and this cycle could even bring a bit of fame your way. Just make sure the attention you’re courting is the kind that you actually want, Gemini. Jupiter here can also make you a bit of a drama queen. There is such a thing as “bad publicity,” and you don’t need to make headlines for your wild child antics.

Come October, your hedonism gives way to healthy pursuits. Bountiful Jupiter will shift gears, moving into Scorpio and your sixth house of wellness, organization and service for 13 months. Talk about a 180! Here’s hoping you swung from the chandeliers all year, because the closest you’ll come to that now will be dangling from silks in an aerial yoga studio. Adventurous Jupiter inspires you to try clean eating or new workouts—and since this is an international planet, you might add a worldly twist to your wellbeing.

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Let love ring! L’amour is the main event of 2017, as important planets light up the relationship zones of your chart. Bountiful Jupiter is in Libra and your romantic fifth house until October, which could bring exciting prospects, long-distance affairs or rekindled heat. But before you get carried off into the clouds, structured Saturn taps the brakes, bringing its cautious vibes to your committed relationship sector. In December, Saturn starts an intense journey into Capricorn and your intimacy sector, putting key partnerships to the test until March 2020. You’ll learn invaluable lessons about merging your life with another person’s—mind, body and soul.


A dynamic and creative year is ahead, one where your colorful personality can shine. Enthusiastic Jupiter is in your flamboyant fifth house until October, so use this charisma and assertiveness for good. In February, a Pisces solar eclipse could launch a new career chapter or rocket you into a leadership role. Jupiter shifts into Scorpio and your orderly sixth house in October, helping you take care of business, delegate, and tighten the efficiency of Team Gemini. You might take a “bridge job” or move into a field associated with wellness, the environment, technology or service.


We’ll be honest, this year is fairly decadent, thanks to Jupiter in your indulgent fifth house until October. Burn off the excess on the dance floor, or combine fitness with fun instead of forcing yourself to hit the gym. You’ll balance it out in the fall, when Jupiter shifts into Scorpio and your health zone, inspiring you to take charge of your wellbeing. You may even get doctor’s orders to clean up your diet or change your lifestyle, but the rewards will be great if you do.


New year, new scene? 2017 begins a fresh series of changemaking eclipses in your neighborhood and travel sectors. Get out and mingle or book that dream vacation. You could meet inspiring kindred spirits. Taking classes or personal growth workshops could widen your network and shift the way you see the world, so infuse your social life with learning.

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