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Gemini Full Moon: 8 Ways to Spark Synergy with Kindred Spirits

gemini full moon 2018

Behold the power of two! On Friday, November 23, 2018 at 12:30AM EDT, the year’s only full moon in chatty Gemini illuminates the skies. As the Full Beaver Moon rises in the sign of the Twins, la luna shines her highbeams on our partnerships and connects us to kindred spirits. 

As the Gemini full moon rises late Thanksgiving night in the U.S., we’ll have double the bounty to be grateful for. Gemini is the sign of the charismatic Twins, and it governs dynamic duos and synergistic connections. Kindred spirits could come out of the woodwork under these “twinning” moonbeams. Grab a friend and race to those doorbuster deals on Black Friday—or team up to do some holiday volunteer work.

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For the next two weeks, the missing piece to your partnership puzzle could manifest! Gemini’s energy is often more platonic than romantic, but that’s not to say that love can’t spring forth from the friend zone…hey, you never know! An early mistletoe moment could spark with a coworker, bandmate or even a partner on an important project. Single? Revamp your dating app profiles to reveal as much about your extracurricular interests as your long-term life plans.

Gemini is also the zodiac’s curious communicator and the cosmic mayor of the local scene. Explore hometown happenings, or help to create a thriving social scene in your own ‘hood. This lunation also comes with a warning label, however, as messenger planet Mercury—Gemini’s planetary guardian—is retrograde in outspoken Sagittarius from November 16-December 6, messing with our travel plans and scrambling signals. If you’re looking for a new set of wheels, have a mechanic inspect any used vehicles and, ideally, wait until the trickster planet stations direct before you drive anything off the lot!

November’s full moon in Gemini was also known as the full Beaver Moon by Algonquin tribes and even early colonial Americans, and some Native American tribes referred to it as the Full Frost Moon. During this time, November was prime season for setting beaver traps before the waters would freeze to ensure there were enough winter furs for warmth and survival. In 2018, we can keep each other warm, especially under the twinning moonbeams of Gemini!

Below you’ll find some tips to spark synergy with kindred spirits at the Gemini full moon:

1. Practice active listening.

Listening is a form of communication. When you actively listen to another person, you create a space for sharing between you. This can either be a clear channel or cluttered with judgment, depending on HOW you’re listening. For example: “I already know what they’re gonna say, so why don’t I finish their sentence” is NOT a practice of active listening. During this weekend’s Gemini full moon, aim to be a better, cleaner listener. Since Gemini rules the hands, don’t be shy about gesticulating, either! Be direct: Grab your partner by the wrist, sit them down, and ask thoughtful questions to understand them better. Instead of mentally crafting a response while they talk, give them the opportunity to be seen and heard. We’re all familiar with post-conversation exhaustion—what happens when someone has monopolized the entire dialogue. So GIVE what you want to RECEIVE: the attentive, thoughtful, engaged and sincere listening that you desire. Check out techniques on Active Listening here.

2. Be a mirror for the other person.

Gemini’s communication powers encourage us to mirror back what someone is trying to articulate. After you’ve heard them out, try repeating back what the person just told you. Not in an awkward parroting way, but in the “What I think I hear you saying is [insert the summary of what they said here]. Is that right?” Maybe they’ll correct you a little, or maybe they’ll just thank you. But it’s incredibly validating to feel like someone really “gets” it.

The talkative Twins encourage us all to speak up at the Gemini full moon—voicing what’s on our mind and in our hearts. Geminis were born in conversation with another, which is why they’re so sensitive to verbal nuances. Between two people, there could be some interesting declarations and confessions—and yes, a few misunderstandings, alas. Because Gemini is ruled by Mercury the messenger planet, you could also receive intriguing news by email, phone or DM.

3. Partner up and prosper.

Synergy-seeking Gemini is all about rocking out, tag-team style. Two is your magic number at this full moon, so collaborate with someone whose skills complement your own. Step up and step back. Repeat. Gemini knows how to pass the baton! This dynamic duo energy is especially helpful if you’ve been struggling to get a project off the ground. Perhaps the missing link in the chain is another person. Be open to those who enter your sphere now.

In the case of business dealings, consult a lawyer. Alliances that have been bubbling over the past six months since the Gemini new moon may become formalized within two weeks of the Gemini full moon. Drafting an official agreement is always a smart idea, if only to prevent miscommunications from happening down the line. Pro tip: Try to hold off on getting the first draft of the deal proposed in writing until Mercury turns direct on December 6 if you can!

4. Channel someone else’s “higher self.” 

Have you ever waited for someone to properly say “I’m sorry”…only to find yourself waiting around forever? And if you DID get some kind of half-baked amendment, it left you feeling unfulfilled inside? Well, here’s a technique we’ve tried before, which can help you gain some resolution. Put pen to paper. Relax. Imagine yourself as the person who hurt/betrayed/upset you—and write YOURSELF a letter, as though it’s from them. This person may never apologize to you in real-time, but you’ll find as you channel their higher self (it will happen as the words flow), you resolve some of the energetic conflict, on a higher plane. It doesn’t mean you have to bring this person back into your life, like, ever. You’ll just have the satisfaction of experience “them” say things like, “I’m sorry I stopped calling. I was insecure and afraid you’d reject me first.” You might even find that it doesn’t matter who actually wrote that words—but just that they got expressed.

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5. Embrace your alter ego.

Quirky Gemini is the sign of the alter ego. That seemingly straight-laced person could have a colorful, flamboyant side. Or the publicly wacky person could be a secret control freak. Even if it only comes out when you’re alone, the Gemini full moon could summon your “second self”—let it emerge!

6. Revamp your commute.

Transportation is Gemini’s domain, so this full moon could light the way to the perfect car, bike or mobile accessory to make commutes more enjoyable. Are you driving around in a gas guzzler when you could be biking or taking public transportation? Consider switching from four wheels to two, or even riding a bike or walking. Could you shrink that carbon footprint by carpooling? If you’re veering into eco-Sasquatch terrain, share a ride with a co-worker or friend. Bonus: you might start the day with a great conversation or a laugh.

Maybe you keep things status quo—but shift how you spend your transit time. If you’ve been zoning out on the train checking social media, why not load a Kindle app onto your phone, listen to new music or a podcast, or even meditate? If you’re a car commuter, tune into public radio or an inspiring audiobook. Since Gemini rules the mind, load up on that brain food!

7. Redefine your message.

Master-marketer Gemini is a whiz with words and knows how to package profundity into clever, catchy copy. Do you have a business? The Gemini full moon is an excellent day to do a little “brand review,” making sure your visuals, colors, text and materials express a cohesive message—and one that reflects the spirit of whatever it is you do.

Even if you don’t own a company, you can still clarify your mission and message at this full moon. Examine the statement you make in the world through every visual presentation of yourself (website, social media, speaking style, etc.). Packaging yourself powerfully is vital to professional success in the digital age. Look back to #2 of this list and ask a member of your closest kin to help you understand YOU. Ask them what gifts and virtues you project to the world. You’ll better understand how to cultivate your unique “brand identity.” Know thyself…and then promote thyself!

8. Use a strong filter.

Remember: Loose lips sink ships—especially during Mercury retrograde! Information has a way of flying out of your mouth at the Gemini full moon—especially given that the trickster planet is also spinning backward. You might also let something slip into a text, email or post that probably had no business being there. You didn’t MEAN to give away someone’s secret, but oops, you just did. Apply stronger filters to your shares at this full moon—and with conscious effort. Anything you let slip can and probably will circle back to you!

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