ARIES & The 2014 Grand Cross

The first opposition, between expansive Jupiter and controlling Pluto, stirs friction as an expansion in your home and personal life butts up against intensity around your career. You may decide you’ll devote more quality time with family, only to feel Sanbergian-esque pressure to “lean in” at work. This could also play out as old demons of insecurity flare up, and you get caught up trying to prove that you’re “somebody” to an elite group. Criss-crossing this, warrior Mars (your ruler) in your relationship house opposes radical changemaker Uranus in Aries. You may chafe under the pressure or expectation of a key relationship (either business or personal), feeling like it’s somehow holding you back from fully expressing yourself. While you’re entangled in so many obligations to others, a part of you wants to just run off and break free, and you might do something rash or potentially bridge-burning just to prove it.

Possible solutions: Make a career change that allows you to spend more time with loved ones. Start a home-based business or work virtually. Set boundaries with people who are encroaching on your personal time and generosity. Give more to a relationship if you’ve been overly reliant on a partner. Delegate and compromise—within reason.

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