LIBRA & The 2014 Grand Cross

Your wordly successes are limitless these days, as abundant Jupiter sails through your ambitious tenth house of public image and honors. But as the cameras flash and the crowds chant your name, there could be haters on the home team. Jupiter is opposing controlling Pluto in your family and domestic zone, and those closest to you might be threatened by your newfound confidence—especially if you’ve always relied on them for validation. Turns out, maybe they were more comfortable when you acted helpless, needy or attached, and they might even feel a little bit abandoned by your newfound independence. Thanks to Pluto, ruler of the unconscious, old childhood patterns and dynamics could flare up, threatening to sabotage your success.

This is exacerbated by the crossover opposition between go-getter Mars in Libra and disruptive Uranus in your partnership house. Are you coming across as arrogant or dismissive with people? While you don’t need to be held back, some of them might be giving you a much-needed ego check. Watch out for an attraction to bad boys/girls, or an argumentative period in your relationship. This will only distract you from your own exciting plans, and you need to strike while the iron is hot.

Possible solutions: Sit down and clear the air with loved ones who seem jealous or put off by your new attitude; they could become your biggest cheering squad if you play your cards right. Break away from toxic relationships that require you to stay small or “in your place.” Don’t forget the people who “knew you when” as you rise through the ranks—acknowledge their contributions. Avoid relationships that are filled with drama and inconsistency.

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