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Haiti’s Earthquake Disaster: Pluto, Mars, Saturn and the Future

News of Haiti’s devastating earthquake left the world shocked this week, and the troubled nation in utter despair. While no sense can possibly be made of this, we looked at the country’s chart — searching for any glimpse of hope or guidance. We were stunned to see a near-exact alignment between Haiti’s planets and destructive Pluto, violent Mars and challenging Saturn on this tragic day. Please know that we write this piece with the utmost respect for Haiti and regard for every loss.

Haiti’s Astrological Chart: A Portrait of Struggle & Reinvention
Haiti became independent on January 1, 1804, making it a Capricorn-ruled country. In Haiti’s chart, Pluto and Mars are at 3 degrees Capricorn, and Saturn is at 3 degrees Libra—forming a challenging “square” (45-degree angle). Pluto rules death and the underworld (including those plates beneath the earth), and the mythic Phoenix that rises from the ashes after destruction. Indeed, Haiti has regenerated, Pluto-style, from many natural and political disasters. When Pluto joins with Mars, this can mean violence, military conflict and deep-rooted psychological turbulence. With its history of coups, dictatorships and government corruption, Haiti is no stranger to such troubles.

Then there’s Saturn, which rules governments, structures (including buildings) and restriction. In Haiti’s chart, Saturn is in Libra, the sign of justice and balance. Whatever Saturn touches can undergo an uphill battle and a struggle to remain upright. The earthquake demolished universities, homes and hospitals to rubble. Saturn’s tense “square” angle with Mars and Pluto, shows that every time Haiti builds itself back up or a little peace takes root, violent and destructive forces may rise up to challenge it. Haiti must continuously struggle for strength and justice against great odds.

What Happened the Day of the Earthquake
On January 12th, the position of Pluto and Saturn in the current sky was a nearly exact mirror of Haiti’s natal chart. Both feature Pluto at 3 degrees Capricorn, and Saturn a single degree apart in Libra. You could call it a Pluto and Saturn return: Pluto hasn’t been in Capricorn since 1778. Saturn last visited Libra in the early 1980s. To have them both come together in these positions is a rare and random event which had disastrous repercussions for Haiti.

The overlap of these powerful planets with Haiti’s birth chart was literally world-shaking. Turbulent Pluto is in Capricorn, ruler of the earth, buildings and solid ground. The earth shook at a record 7.0, and people tragically still remain trapped. Saturn in democratic Libra is slowing down the delivery of “justice” and the relief process. This has been compounded by Mercury retrograde in Capricorn, which causes delayed travel.

Hope for Haiti’s Future?
So…can we find hope amid the tragedy? Do we dare ask? Haiti’s chart indicates that tragedy and conflict have been woven into its roots for centuries. January 15 is a solar eclipse in Capricorn—a new beginning even in the face of the unimaginable. Haiti’s Saturn in Libra has made it difficult for allies to support the country, but with Saturn touring Libra in the current sky, nations and people may rally like never before.

Ultimately, we will never make sense of what happened. How could we? Pluto’s work is always shrouded in shadows and mystery, and senseless death can’t be explained away by astrology, religion, or anything else. However, the power of prayer and positive intention will go far. At the very least, send light, love, and healing energy to Haiti.