2013 Yearly Horoscopes: What The Year Will Bring


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Some have asked why we’re not giving the annual horoscopes away for free this year. Well, it takes an extensive amount of time and energy to map out an entire year of planetary trends. (Believe us…and our local Starbucks…whew!) So a small fee allows us to devote our best brain cells to preparing you for an awesome year that’s aligned with the stars.

Below you can read a general overview of what’s happening in the stars—on us. And if you’d like the scoop for every sign, pick up your Planetary Planner now. Thanks!

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General 2013 Overview for all 12 Signs:

Water, water everywhere! 2013’s skyscape is filled with planets touring touchy-feely, imaginative, and mysterious water signs: Pisces, Cancer and Scorpio. Neptune continues year two of its fifteen-year cycle through its home sign of dreamy Pisces, structured Saturn begins its first full year in CIA Scorpio, its station from October 25, 2012 until September 30, 2015. From June 25 onward, expansive Jupiter will flow through family-minded Cancer. Three Mercury retrograde phases will all occur in water signs, forcing us to review our emotional patterns and family structures (2/23-3/17, 6/26-7/20, 10/21-11/10). Protecting our planet’s H2O, from clean oceans to polar ice caps will become critical issues on the global front in 2013!

Water signs are associated with the feminine and yin nature, and whether you are a XX or XY chromosome-bearer, we all embody both masculine and feminine traits. In 2013, we all have an opportunity to cultivate our more feminine sides, which both women and men may find a huge relief. This dovetails with some of the Mayan prophecy of 2012, in fact. Last June 5, 2012, a twice-a-century Venus transit occurred, where the planet of love and beauty eclipsed the Sun. Venus, which is the only planet in our solar system named after a goddess instead of a god, visibly crossed the life-giving Sun, illuminated for all to see. Some believe that “little black spot on the Sun” was a call for women to step into their power worldwide, and for men to lay down their tanks and their bombs and embrace a more compassionate form of communication. Gender roles will be less strict as we evolve further beyond the hunter-gatherer model. Movements designed to bring more women and feminine principles into politics, like Marianne Williamson’s Sister Giant or Eve Ensler’s One Billion Rising may gain huge ground in 2013.


But it’s not all rainbows and unicorns, alas. Revolutionary Uranus begins year three of its seven-year tour of warrior sign Aries, bringing more power struggles and violent clashes on the world stage. Uranus in Aries definitely brings a “power to the people” energy, but it’s also a time when military and autocratic governments can rise. The last time Uranus was in Aries, Adolf Hitler rose to power. This time around, the Arab Spring coincided with Uranus’ move into Aries. Alas many of these initially peaceful revolutions have spawned brute force, and there may be more bloodshed before democracy is realized. There are two more squares between Pluto and Uranus (May 21 and November 1), which could disrupt the power balance and force radical change. Intense!

The moon’s North Node and stern Saturn will tour Scorpio all year, an extreme sign that can be as vengeful and violent as it is spiritually elevated. Gun control will continue to be a huge issue that divides the political landscape. Scorpio can arouse fear and paranoia, and a desire to protect ourselves. But how can we do so without taking up arms, turning our world into a police state, or bringing our trigger fingers into the picture? Scorpio rules the invisible realm, and in 2013, we’ll need to explore the impact the collective consciousness can have on the worldwide mood. Musicians and artists hold extra sway during watery times, and can help create the cool factor around loving thy neighbor instead of violently or verbally beating him down. Meditating collectively can help too–seriously. In June and July of 1993, an experiment done in Washington, DC yielded fascinating results. During those months, approximately 4,000 people gathered for Transcendental Meditation practices, focusing on stress reduction in the city. The result yielded a nearly 25 percent drop in crime those months. (http://istpp.org/crime_prevention/) With the mystical influence of Saturn in Scorpio for 2013, reviving the “mind over matter” approach could do wonders to increase the peace. We might also experiment with the power of music and the tonal landscape to quell our anxieties and calm our fears. If it’s true that “as within so without,” it’s extra important that we visualize a world that is safe and loving instead of letting our fears paint the picture that materializes before our eyes.

2013 is also the Chinese Year of the Snake, which is associated with the Western sign of Taurus. This grounding, play-it-safe energy can help with economic recovery. Although the Snake loves luxury and sensuality, it knows not to overdo it. A modest, understated elegance will reign rather than a culture of excess. Embracing a sustainable lifestyle can keep us all from falling into debt. Adding to the H20 element of 2013, this also happens to be a Water Snake year. Hello, flow!

Eclipses will fall primarily on the Scorpio-Taurus axis this year in April/May and November. The balance between the material 3D world and the mystical 4D world will fall in sharp relief. Although both signs love their material possessions, our addiction to consumerism will be called into question. These eclipses will force us to address the impact of commerce on our natural resources, and the stress it creates for the human psyche. Taurus is an earth sign, Scorpio is a water sign. From pollution to melting polar ice caps, these eclipses will force us to deal with the reality of our impact on the planet.

Work & Money in 2013

Got an idea for an app or e-commerce business? With Internet-ruler Uranus in its third year in innovative Aries, web-based ventures will continue to skyrocket in 2013. Tech-friendly Jupiter in Gemini continues to boost the mobile marketplace in the first half of the year as well. On-the-go devices, solutions, and software that helps people manage the busiest parts of their lives could turn some innovative folks into millionaires. Since Gemini is the partnership sign, form those strategic alliances! Pairing your entrepreneurial venture with on that focuses on a similar audience could bring a bundled service breakthrough for you both. Hello, windfall!

Each one teach one: Jupiter in Gemini influences the educational market too. Creative solutions for digitizing the learning experience could also mean money in the bank. Getting a teaching certificate or developing an online course can also help many prosper in 2013.


With Jupiter’s move into domestic Cancer on June 25, there could be a rise in home-based business. The influence of the watery planets will push women into more prominent positions in the workplace. Will the ladies finally stop earning 73 cents to every man’s dollar? Here’s hoping 2013 can shatter that glass ceiling. Businesses may adopt more female and family-friendly practices, like allowing more work-from-home days or setting up in-house childcare so parents can see their young kids throughout their workdays.

The Taurus/Scorpio eclipses may stimulate more sustainable, eco-friendly companies. Organic, cruelty-free, and consciously raised will be labels that hold sway. Banking could have another heyday…or hit more rough patches, as these eclipses reveal the hidden potential and the shadows of Wall Street. Some aspects of the economy WILL continue to crumble in 2013…and while it doesn’t look like progress, it is. Transformational Pluto is entering its fifth year in Capricorn, the sign that rules big businesses, government and the economy. Pluto entered Capricorn in 2008, the year of the mortgage crisis, bailouts and Obama’s election, and will remain there until 2024. The chaos and crisis is part of Pluto’s “Extreme Makeover” plan. Old structures must fall in order for new ones to be born. It can help to look at Pluto’s last cycle through Sagittarius from 1995-2012. Sagittarius rules publishing, travel, and global relations. In the mid-90s many traditional print magazines folded unexpectedly (RIP Sassy) but simultaneously the Internet was born. By 2008, we’d mastered the broadband formula, and were chatting in real time with people halfway around the globe. The blogosphere was buzzing with self-published works. No longer did anyone have to pitch an editor to see our words in “print.” So, think of the economic instability the same way. When will the “Internet of the economy” be born? We haven’t even figured out the dial-up version of this equation yet, but with Pluto’s remarkable ability to regenerate and make something from nothing, we’ll get this figured out.

Love & Relationships in 2013

With Jupiter in Gemini until June 25, friends can become lovers in 2013. Gemini’s influence will have us seeking people just like us, but when we find them we might realize that these lovers are better off as friends. After all, it’s the differences that can make a relationship dynamic; something we should remember before we kick anyone to the curb for challenging us to look at life in a different way. Internet dating will continue to deliver in the first half of 2013 thanks to Gemini’s techie influence. Why not expand your search radius a few extra miles? With Jupiter in the picture, long-distance love can bring soulmates together across the geographic divide. Couples commuting between two cities in the name of amour may not be an ideal arrangement, but where there’s a will, there’s a way.

From June 25, 2013 through July 10, 2014, Jupiter will move into family-friendly Cancer, amplifying our nesting instincts. Couples who never considered children before could suddenly be shopping for strollers or adopting a pet. Cancer loves to put down roots, and cohabitating, buying property together, or renovating a dream home may be romantic de rigeur in late 2013. Sexting begone! Put down the i-gadgets and opt for face-to-face interactions more often after June 25. Letting family members fix us up, or finding love through the handpicked help of a matchmaker may trump online dating in the second half of the year. Who knows? Maybe that “really nice guy” your mother keeps raving about isn’t such a schmo after all.

Saturn in Scorpio will push us to develop a deeper level of intimacy, but a more structured one as well. Date nights won’t just automatically happen. Scheduling nookie may seem highly unromantic, but it may be the only way busy couples ensure that they get their needs met and don’t go boffing the secretary out of sheer desperation. The way couples share resources could become a hot-button topic. With the economy in flux, the whole “man as provider” model may not be the reality every pair can live into. Couples may have to consider other currencies besides money that they can contribute to the relationship in the name of keeping things balanced.

Health & Happiness in 2013

With healing Neptune in Pisces all year, our attention continues to turn to preventative medicine and more holistic treatments like energy healing, Reiki, acupuncture, and massage. Although hospitals fall under the rule of Neptune in Pisces, we may see a rise of less-sterile wellness centers or a more comforting redesign of these institutions. The watery planets remind us of the importance of replenishing our systems with fresh H2O. Install a water purifier or alkalizer on your faucet. Although the initial expense may seem steep, it’s cheaper than buying all those plastic bottles—and far kinder to the Earth too!

Saturn in Scorpio turns our attention to the health of our blood. Getting enough iron in our diets will be essential (hello dark leafy greens). We can oxygenate the blood with breathing exercises…a better pick-me-up than espresso. Getting our blood levels checked can reveal where we may need to boost our diets with supplements like Vitamin D or B. Interestingly enough, the AIDS crisis swelled when Saturn was last in Scorpio in 1983. Perhaps we’ll see a vaccine or cure arise for AIDS and other blood-related conditions in 2013. Here’s hoping!

Saturn in Scorpio and Neptune in Pisces can provoke some fears and anxieties. A meditation practice is practically a must for most people this year. Calming the mind can have major healing effects on the body. If you can’t sit still, try a moving meditation like yoga. Check out Dr. Joe Dispenza’s Breaking The Habit Of Being Yourself, a fascinating read on neuroscience and how to change the patterns of your own brain.

With sporty Jupiter in social Gemini, we’ll all get by—and get in better shape—with a little help from our friends. Instead of meeting for Happy Hour, rally pals for a yoga class followed by vegetarian tapas and mocktails. Apps that track food and fitness can help us stay on point in the beginning of 2013.

Reproductive health will be the big topic when Jupiter enters Cancer on June 25, and more so because Saturn is in Scorpio, the sign that rules our reproductive organs. This spring, female readers will want to pick up Alisa Vitti’s WomanCode: Perfect Your Cycle, Amplify Your Fertility, Supercharge Your Sex Drive and Become A Power Source. With a foreword by our beloved Dr. Christiane Northrup, this could be the must-have on your biological bookshelf. Domestic Cancer could keep us busy at home, but that’s no reason to skimp on workouts. Set up a home gym, order those workout DVDs and break a sweat in your living room. You might even get the whole family involved! Cancer rules our food intake, so we’ll spend the second half of the year bettering our nutrition, learning how soil quality can impact the nutrients in food, and the power of raw, fresh ingredients to flood our bodies with vitamins.

The eclipses in Taurus and Scorpio will turn our attention to mind-body medicine. Can changing our thoughts and emotions influence our health? Studies are revealing this to be true. In 2013 we’ll want to pay attention not only to what we feed our bodies, but also to what we ingest emotionally and energetically.


Family in 2013

The watery planets of 2013 will bring family values front and center. Adopting a more communal approach to life can help neighbors thrive in these busy times. Hey, maybe those Sister Wives were onto something. No, we’re not suggesting you share a husband (unless, of course, that’s your thing.), but it can help to pool together with the people in your ‘hood or relatives living close by to buy in bulk, share babysitting duties, care for elderly relatives, and even take turns cooking dinner for each other.

With Jupiter in Gemini in the first half of the year, juggling schedules will be exhausting. Get everyone on a shared calendar, or download the fabulous MomAgenda app (or try the planner). Alternative education will appeal to parents and some may even send kids to Skype school.

When Jupiter moves into Cancer, we could see a rise in homeschooling. Families may start home-based businesses after June 25 as a means of getting more quality time together and pooling talents. The 1950s ethos could seep back into our culture, although it may be Dad who is shuttling the kids to soccer games and timing the roast so it’s cooked to perfection the minute Mom walks through the door after a hard day’s work. Spending quality time with family, sans computers and digital toys, can nourish familial bonds. Cooking and eating dinner together as a family, having actual conversations, enjoying time in nature—what a concept!



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