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Saturday, September 19, 2020 - Sunday, September 20, 2020

You're no stranger to serving up blunt feedback—and it's usually pretty spot-on. But watch how you wield that sharp tongue of yours on Saturday, Aquarius. Your frank perspective could lead to a heated conflict as the moon opposes explosive Mars. Take a breath: Is there a more constructive way you could offer your criticism? Hold the Tweetstorms and resist the urge to jump into a time-sucking argument in that comments thread. Instead of entering attack mode, approach this situation peacefully. Search for common ground and build from there. Home doesn't feel like much of a haven this Sunday, thanks to a face-off between the emo moon and erratic Uranus. If your work has been all-consuming lately, a close friend or relative could feel hurt and sidelined. But maybe they just don't understand how busy you are—especially if you've been silently (and thanklessly) making their lives easier. Don't be afraid to remind them how much they've benefited from your long hours at the office. That said, if you've been remiss in spending quality time, a spontaneous dinner or an evening of bonding could rekindle the good vibes. 

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