Aries Daily Horoscope - Today - Jul 25, 2024, Thursday | AstroTwins

Aries Daily Horoscope

Today's Aries Horoscope for July 25, 2024

Operation: streamline! If your life is feeling hectic, stop to break unproductive (and unhealthy!) habits. Mercury is here to help out as it zips into Virgo and your wellness-focused, systematic sixth house until September 26. Where can you simplify, both physically and spiritually? Take stock of your diet, and detox from a junk-food fix. Join a gym or yoga studio that's on your everyday route (that way, you'll actually use your membership). Remove at least one energy-draining commitment from your calendar and swap in a daily meditation practice. This new routine should be designed to eliminate stress and amplify bliss. Heads up: Mercury is retrograde from August 4 to 28, so try to get plans locked in place before then.

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