Aries Daily Horoscope for January 30, 2021 - January 31, 2021

Friends, frenemies, or a new title altogether? Mercury’s first retrograde of 2021 starts this Saturday, which could reshuffle the inner and outer rings of your social circle. Until February 20, the messenger planet backs up through Aquarius and your community zone. During this time, you may glimpse the unevolved side of a friend's personality or discover sketchy group dynamics within an organization. This doesn't necessarily mean the game is over. After all, true friends reveal themselves by how they handle the bumps in the road. Can you work through this directly… and lovingly? It's worth a try. But if that means compromising your values, jump ship before they pull you down with them. With Sunday's moon-Neptune connection across your service-oriented axis, choose to flow your cash to companies whose values you stand behind. Whether you're passionate about animal rights, the environment or labor rights (or all three), patronize brands you respect. Even if you're not rolling in dough, you can still take action by donating to a worthy crowdfunding campaign or writing a five-star review of a green startup. Be generous—AND grateful for what you have.

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