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Saturday, September 19, 2020 - Sunday, September 20, 2020

Your focus may be MIA on Saturday as a frenetic moon-Mars opposition makes it hard to concentrate on anything detailed. Don't even try to power through because you'll only exhaust yourself further. Instead, take this as a sign from the universe to create more flow in your calendar. Cancel unnecessary appointments and stay snuggled in your pajamas all day. Be on the lookout for the muse! Opening up a little more space in your schedule will allow you to download some serious inspiration. Don't place all your eggs in a single basket this Sunday. You may be the zodiac's most ambitious sign, willing to risk it all for a promising goal. But with frenetic Uranus scrambling signals, this particular situation could prove more unstable than you anticipate. Check out what other options exist, and get a Plan B in place. Once you see you've got a few more alternatives to choose from, you'll make a wiser decision.

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