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April 2021 Aquarius Overview Horoscope

Monthly Snapshot

Time to flap your wings, Aquarius! With the Sun in Aries and your social, on-the-go third house until April 19, you’re ready to (safely) mix and mingle again. Even if it’s largely virtual, spend time exchanging ideas and connecting with kindred spirits. A collaboration could have “dynamic duo” written all over it.
The plot might even take a romantic twist with energizer Mars in Gemini activating your fifth house of passion and self-expression until April 23. You’re feeling confident and charismatic with the red planet in this head-turning zone, and others will certainly take notice. Hello, sizzling spring seduction!

Ready for a style overhaul and a few new outfits? A little effort put into your appearance will pay off. The fans love you during this attention-grabbing Martian cycle, and your creative talents and unapologetic wit could draw fame. Be ready to deliver a bold performance when the spotlight comes your way!
Whew! Feeling worn out from all the excitement? You can settle into a more domestic groove again on April 19, when the Sun moves into Taurus and your fourth house of home, family and foundations. Devote the next four weeks to self-care and making sure everything at Aquarius Central is flowing smoothly.

Week 1: April 1-11
Do your research

This week is the buildup to the Aries new moon, which arrives in your third house of communication and ideas on Sunday, April 11. You could be fielding lots of potential projects by researching and putting your thoughts on paper.
It’s a great time to gather information, but hold off on any big decisions until next week. Sunday’s new moon could illuminate factors you hadn’t considered. It could also bring news that alters the course of events. Sit tight and ponder the pros and cons. Feel free to opinion-poll some friends or people who are experienced in this area.
A dramatic moment could precede the new moon this Friday, April 9, when hotheaded Mars in your flamboyant fifth house squares off with hazy Neptune in Pisces and your second house of stability. Tension could erupt around money, or you could feel torn between duty and desire. An urge to escape your responsibilities—or even to blow them off entirely—might strike. Once you unleash that rebellious side of your Aquarian nature, it may be hard to get grounded again.
Think twice before you go stirring up chaos just because you feel bored or fenced in. Overwhelmed by all that’s on your plate? Ask for support instead of lashing out with resentment or creating a needlessly combative situation.

Week 2: April 12-18
Breakthrough opportunity

This week is devoted to improving communication and sharing your message with the world. On Saturday, April 17, two planetary events will enhance your awareness and allow you to make even more informed decisions.
The first is the semiannual square between the Aries Sun and shadowy Pluto in Capricorn. The Sun-Pluto square can bring power struggles and ego battles, but it can also lead to a breakthrough. You may find yourself torn between sharing your ideas without apology and keeping things to yourself.
If you’ve been an open book with someone untrustworthy, you may debate whether to confront them or just set a clear boundary and give them the benefit of the doubt. Are your brilliant concepts ready for prime time? Do some soul-searching before you just go ahead with that launch.
What DO you want to show-and-tell with the world? Saturday’s other headliner arrives as action planet Mars in Gemini and your passionate, expressive fifth house unites in a fast-moving trine to lucky Jupiter in Aquarius. Your charisma and confidence are on overdrive today—and people will take notice! You could debut a new look, share one of your talents or find yourself suddenly in the spotlight. If you’ve been wanting to turn a passion project into a business, this galvanizing trine could give you the boost of inspiration you need.
Just be careful you don’t come across as cocky as you unleash your celestial swagger. This Mars-Jupiter trine can also spark arrogance and obnoxious behavior. Read the room before you hit ‘em with an over-the-top performance. A splash of your colorful personality will go a long way!

Week 3: April 19-25 
Bring it on home

Settle down at home base, Aquarius. This Monday, April 19, the Sun unpacks its bags in hospitable Taurus and your domestic fourth house to kick off four weeks of resting and nesting. Shift your focus to your family and household projects, with a Taurean emphasis on good food, lush fabrics and cozy spaces. 

If you feel inspired to give Casa Aquarius an energetic tune-up after a year of spending way more time there than usual, check out our Feng Shui course, Home Reset. Have you been considering a change of address? Taurus season is a great time to approach your move patiently and methodically, with an eye to securing more comfy, sumptuous digs.
Self-care is also a priority for the next month—and even more so starting Friday, April 23, when energizer Mars enters nurturing Cancer and heats up your wellness sector until June 11. Start a new fitness routine, revamp your eating habits or do a mega spring cleaning, especially since the Mars in Gemini cycle that began on March 3 may have been a bit hedonistic.
Pace yourself with those Pilates and Pelotons, though! With rash Mars here, you can be accident-prone or even get a sports-related injury if you overdo it. Cancer’s an intuitive sign, so you can trust your instincts about which areas of your well-being are most in need of attention. Don’t forget to give your emotional and spiritual life some attention too. Regulate your stress levels and build plenty of space into your schedule for rest and sleep. Anxiety and anger can heat up quickly during this Mars cycle, so mood management will be mission critical.

Week 4: April 26-30
Success is in the stars

Ready to make a power move? On Monday, April 26, the year’s only Scorpio full moon beams into your tenth house of career and success, igniting your ambitions. A goal you’ve been working toward since the November 15 Scorpio new moon could come together–with a flourish!
If you’ve been thinking about a change to your professional trajectory, you could receive long-awaited news around a promotion or leadership position. Maybe you’ll decide to take a leap of faith and apply for a coveted gig. Go for it! If you own a business, this is a great day to implement changes in your structures and brand’s public image.

The full moon will form a looser T-square with disruptor Uranus and structured Saturn, a three-way tug o’ war which could leave you torn between whether to make a huge change to your life or to stick with what you’ve already got in motion. You’ll feel this pull in primary parts of your life: career, relationships, home and self. There will be no escaping the need to bring greater balance to key areas, Aquarius—and the full moon will illuminate next steps.
Have you put off dealing with some emotional baggage or unfinished personal business? On Tuesday, April 27, shadowy Pluto turns retrograde in Capricorn and your twelfth house of healing, closure and release. Between now and October 6, you can do some key forgiveness work or take a deep dive with a therapist, shaman or coach.
Going within isn’t something Aquarians always do readily; you prefer the more comfortable zone of your reason and intellect. But not every problem can be solved with logic or talking. The twelfth house rules the subconscious, and while Pluto is reversing through this hazy zone, you can make better progress by plumbing more personal depths of your psyche and soul. You might also decide to distance yourself from a toxic relationship or take a timeout if the dynamic between you and a close person has become riddled with projections and power struggles.
Your living situation could get a major makeover on Friday, April 30, when the confident Sun makes its once-a-year connection with your ruler, radical changemaker Uranus. As this dynamic duo unites in your domestic fourth house, a revolution could spark up under your roof. You might have an eye-opening conversation with a family member, or perhaps finally set a firm boundary with a rebellious roommate. You could also have the urge to renovate, rearrange and redecorate. (Check out our Feng Shui astrology course Home Reset for ideas.)
Is it time to move, put your home on the market or look into buying property? Any of these urges could strike, possibly out of the blue. If you’ve been searching for your next base camp, today’s starmap could bring a surprising option. Be prepared to act fast (have paperwork ready!) if you decide to sign that lease or put in an offer. 

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