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May 2021 Aquarius Overview Horoscope

Aquarius: Your May Horoscope at a Glance

Work hard and play hard! May finds you ready, willing and able to get down to business—and you’re going to be seen and appreciated while you’re at it. There’s money to be made, and the stars show improved finances on the horizon. From mid-month onward, fun and romance enter the picture in a most welcome way. Enjoy the upbeat vibes, but don’t neglect the necessary inner work or sideline your solo projects. Something big is brewing in the friendship realm—you’ll see which way the tide is turning during May’s final week. Whatever happens, get your communications in order by month’s end, when messenger Mercury turns retrograde. This backspin could bring an ex into the picture or cause old drama to flare.
A note from The AstroTwins:
In an effort to help you “plan it by the planets” with greater ease, we’re experimenting with new formats for your Monthly Horoscope. Times have changed. There’s more information to process and less time to do so.
This month we’re presenting your horoscope with bold key dates to help you find the most important big-picture themes and put them into action. For even more detail, follow your daily and weekly horoscopes from us!

The Sun is in Taurus until May 20

With the Sun in dependable Taurus and your domestic fourth house until Thursday, May 20, family and home are in the spotlight. While others are feeling the playfulness of spring fever, you may not QUITE be ready to head into the world of limited-capacity rooftop parties or unmasked gatherings with the vaccinated throngs.
Use this time to boost self-care and get Chateau Aquarius spruced and spring-cleaned. Spend time with your loved ones and host your favorite pod-peeps for dinners, movie nights or any ways you can safely commune.
During this emotionally heightened time, you may be thinner-skinned than usual. Avoid triggering types, and also stay aware that you’re feeling extra sensitive now. Make sure you eat, sleep and relax enough—give yourself as much nurturing and nourishment as possible. 
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Home gets a fresh start at the May 11 Taurus new moon

On Tuesday, May 11, your home or family life gets a blast of fresh-start energy from the year’s only Taurus new moon. Looking to change your decor, relocate or put out a call for a roommate? This is the best day to start your quest. If you’re ready to bring fresh energy through your doors after a long pandemic winter, check out our Home Reset course (, which combines practical Feng Shui and astrology to create health, wealth and happiness under your roof.
No need to rush into a gut renovation or cancel your lease immediately, though. For now, start with a good deep cleaning, some Pinterest boards and paint swatches and perhaps by checking out the real estate listings in your desired area. You could even rent an Airbnb in a place you’re thinking about moving to, which will allow you to see what it’s actually like to live there.
Events started today will unfold between now and the November 19 Taurus full moon, which is also a potent lunar eclipse. New information could surface between now and the end of the year that changes your original plan. There could also be baby news or an update that involves a female relative, possibly your mom.

Jupiter takes a sabbatical in Pisces from May 13 to July 28

This urge to be productive becomes even more pressing in the second half of May, when bountiful Jupiter enters creative Pisces and activates your work and finances zone until July 28. This is the first of Jupiter’s two visits here—which only happens every 12 to 13 years—and it could bring major opportunities to increase your income, find a new line or work or create lasting security (both emotional and financial).
Jupiter and Saturn have both been in Aquarius since late December 2020, activating your first house of identity. You’ve become self-aware in some profound new ways. For some Aquarians, this has been the start of a long new life chapter—and you may be at once excited and overwhelmed by the sudden reinvention tour that began at the Great Conjunction ( a few months ago. Now you have a chance to slow down a bit, reflect and integrate all the changes.
Jupiter typically moves into a new zodiac sign once a year. But in 2021, Jupiter will make a short dip into Pisces, back into Aquarius on July 28, then return to Pisces again for a longer stay from December 28, 2021, until May 10, 2022.
Start prioritizing and picking a few of the best “crops” from your self-discovery tour. You might even focus on one or two of them over the summer. Then, when Jupiter returns to Aquarius for five months on July 28, you can share your new discoveries with the world or correct course as needed.

Gemini season begins on May 20

Are we having fun yet? As you well know, all work and no play makes a dull Water Bearer. Luckily, sociable Gemini season arrives on Thursday, May 20, as the Sun enters your passionate and fun-loving fifth house for a month.
It’s time to mix and mingle—get outside and enjoy that springtime fresh air and sunshine! Spring fever could also strike while el Sol heats up your romantic fifth house. Stay open to possibilities and keep your calendar clear enough to say “yes” when a spontaneous invite arrives that’s too good to pass up.

Saturn turns retrograde from May 23 to October 10

But wait! Before you step fully into the spotlight, though, tough-teacher Saturn turns retrograde in your sign on Sunday, May 23, urging you to pull back from public view and tweak your game plan. Polish up your act and put a fast-moving solo project on hold—or at least, take a slower pace.
Saturn’s retrograde turn could bring on a small existential or identity crisis, one that shakes up your faith in yourself. If you find yourself in the grips of self-doubt, consider working with a coach or therapist to help you process what’s arising. Astrologically, this period is offering a time to shed false constructs of who you are, to redefine yourself based on your truth rather than what your family, friends and society seem to “expect” from you. While that sounds liberating on paper, it can be scary or disorienting in real time. Know that it’s a process, and find an expert (which can also be in the form of books, online courses and videos) who can guide you through it.

Eclipse season begins on May 26 with the Sagittarius lunar full supermoon

Watch for the arrival of a major moment with a collaboration or friendship on the Sagittarius lunar eclipse ( on Wednesday, May 26, which lands in your group-activities zone.
Will you suddenly go all in—or break ties completely? Eclipses are unpredictable, so you’ll have to wait until it arrives to see what comes to light. At this full supermoon, it’s possible you’ll be invited to join an exciting endeavor with like-minded people, especially one that involves cutting-edge technology, a social cause or both.
Look back to December 14, 2020, when the corresponding Sagittarius new moon, which was also an eclipse, set the stage for what may come to fruition now. Someone you met casually near that date could turn out to be an important part of your next life chapter!

Mercury spins retrograde in Gemini from May 29 to June 22

Romance redux...or interrupted? On Saturday, May 29, messenger Mercury turns retrograde ( in Gemini, scrambling signals in your fifth house of love and creativity. An ex could resurface, or you might have second thoughts about a budding connection. Drama can erupt within your current relationship or even with friends and colleagues. Take a time-out before you go off on anyone, both IRL and online.
Mercury retrograde can disrupt communication, technology and travel plans. Back up your technology, especially your digital photos, and make sure you have any racy ones safely in a separate folder so they don’t get sent to the wrong person! Keep a low profile on social media until June 22 as Mercury retrograde increases your odds of accidentally offending someone with a bold opinion or statement.

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