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November 2020 Aries Overview Horoscope

November Snapshot

November kicks off with intensity, and not just because it’s U.S. election week. The Sun is submerged in Scorpio and your eighth house of bonding, intimate ties and shared finances until November 21. Intrigue and seduction are swirling like autumn leaves, and you may want to sidle up to one special person in a private cocoon for two. Or you could be happy tucked away solo, immersing yourself in a project that requires laser-beam focus.
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Despite the world feeling upside-down, there’s positive momentum this month. Three retrograde planets will correct course: Mercury on November 3, Mars on November 13 and Neptune on November 28. Compared with September’s stifling SIX retrogrades, this should bring much momentum. By the end of this month, only Uranus will be retrograde, so it should feel easier to make decisions and move ahead on stalled plans.

But first...November 12 brings a peak moment when the third of 2020’s rare Jupiter-Pluto conjunctions occurs in Capricorn and your career zone. When the rulers of heaven (Jupiter) and hell (Pluto) united, many Aries were left in a state of professional purgatory. That is SO not how your passionate sign likes to roll. This final meetup can move the needle on your path and purpose.

Optimism sweeps in when Sagittarius season begins on November 21 and= the Sun heats up your visionary and adventurous ninth house for a month. But the skies have saved the best—or at least, the boldest—moment for last: a November 30 lunar eclipse in Gemini and your communication zone. Get ready to deliver, or hear, some groundbreaking news. Hello, November surprise!
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Week 1: November 1-8

Talk about it

One vote for improved communication! On Tuesday, November 3, Mercury, the planet of communication, technology and travel, will end its choppy retrograde that began on October 13. Slap an “I voted” sticker on your jacket—and celebrate an easing up of technology woes, arguing and in-fighting.
The quicksilver planet spent the first two weeks of its backspin in Scorpio and your intimate eighth house. But since October 27, he’s been reversing through Libra and your partnership zone, making all twosomes fraught with miscommunication. Been stuck on something with your special someone? Did an ex saunter out of the woodwork, causing confusion? Have business partnerships or contract negotiations been stalled or mired in minutiae? November 3 flashes the green light for you to get back in forward gear.
But take your time: Mercury retrograde’s shadow phase will last until November 19—meaning you’ll still feel the (dwindling) backdraft of Mercury’s mischief for a couple more weeks. Let’s hope there are no echoes of “Gunpowder, Treason and Plot” on Thursday, November 5, Guy Fawkes Day, marking a 1605 attempt to blow up Britain’s Parliament. It was Fawkes who said, “You wear a mask for so long, you forget who you were beneath it.”
Eerily fitting for these times, especially for you, Aries. After enduring Mercury’s mischief AND Mars retrograde in your sign since September 9 (which ends next week, amen!), you may be feeling adrift from your true self. Get ready to make a comeback next week!

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Week 2: November 9-15

Your true path

Buckle up, Aries: A major week is ahead that will impact your career, personal goals and relationships (if not more!). The action starts on Thursday, November 12, when lucky Jupiter and transformational Pluto unite for their third of 2020’s game-changing mashups. This cosmic duo will meet in Capricorn and your tenth house of career, ambition and long-term goals.
Are you truly living your soul purpose? If not, truthful Jupiter and transformational Pluto will hold up a magnifying glass. You could finally have a breakthrough around what you’re “meant to do” or an opportunity to step into your power as an expert and leader—and truly make an impact. Look back to the last two Jupiter-Pluto conjunctions, on April 4 and June 30, for clues of what could come together this week.
(For more on how the Jupiter-Pluto conjunctions have impacted the world this year, read our post at
November may have a “Friday the 13th” but for you, this day brings GOOD luck! Prepare for a turbo-engine boost when your ruling planet, energizer Mars, powers out of frustrating a two-month retrograde in Aries. Since September 9, your personal goals may have experienced a frustrating slowdown. Perhaps you lost touch with your passions or a big idea became more stressful and daunting than expected. The red planet’s reversal planted a seed of self-doubt or threw a curveball into your plans. As Mars zooms ahead in Aries until January 6, you’ve got permission to keep your foot on the gas for the rest of 2020. 
If you’ve been cranky and irritable, even passive-aggressive, you’ll be better able to convey your feelings. Mars retrograde could have shortened your temper, and you may have some amends to make. As you regain some of your patience and composure, get ready for smoother relationships all around. (FWIW, it’s also World Kindness Day, the perfect prompt to start practicing!)
Ready to dive into the deep end of the pool with a romantic or business venture? On Sunday, November 15, the year’s only Scorpio new moon beams into your eighth house of intimacy, investments and bonding. If you’re frustrated by the slow pace of progress, perhaps you can go further by merging your energies than you can alone.
Explore a more permanent connection but take time to look through details and leave no stone unturned. Conducting due diligence is key—this is not the time to glibly jump into something. The next six months could be an ideal time to move toward an engagement or to discuss something like starting a family or buying property together. Got debt? Set up a plan to pay it down (or off) between now and the corresponding Scorpio full moon on April 26, 2021.

Week 3: November 16-22

A wider view

Things are looking up! On Saturday, November 21, the Sun moves into Sagittarius and your visionary ninth house. Between now and December 21, the skies are helping you lose the tunnel vision and get in touch with your higher self. Although much of the world is restricted in terms of traveling, there are still opportunities to broaden your horizons or make your life feel more expansive. Book your holiday plans, even if that means a 14-day quarantine that allows you to see family. Start digging into an indie business venture or sign up for an inspiring workshop that exposes you to new ideas and approaches.
Overall, you have a bit of a calmer week in store—except for Tuesday, November 17, when communicator Mercury opposes disruptive Uranus in your money houses. Apparently, this is also National Unfriend Day. If you’d rather not, er, “celebrate,” keep finances out of your friendships—no loaning, borrowing or doing business with buddies this week!

Week 4: November 23-30

Don’t hold back

Rise and shine! On Saturday, November 28, foggy Neptune ends its annual five-month retrograde in Pisces and your hazy twelfth house. Since June 22, it’s been hard to gain closure around a lingering situation. Perhaps you doubted your own judgment or weren’t able to get a clear read on the situation. As Neptune turns direct (forward), you can reconnect with your intuition and confidently trust your gut.
The month’s spotlight moment arrives on Monday, November 30, when a Gemini lunar (full moon) eclipse ignites your interactive third house, spotlighting community and kindred spirits. It’s the very first Gemini eclipse in a series rumbling across your communication axis from June 2020 until December 2021. No more holding back: It’s time to really speak your truth—and listen with equal commitment. Clear the air with family and friends if things have gotten tense.
These media-savvy moonbeams could bring an exciting offer or major news through electronic means (fitting that this is also Cyber Monday). Keep your devices charged and check those DMs. An answer you’ve been waiting for since as far back as the May 22 Gemini new moon could come in today. If you have a big announcement to make yourself, this could be THE day to start spreading the news!

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