Cancer Monthly Horoscope

Your March Cancer Love Horoscope

Dive into the depths of intimacy…or free yourself from mermaid captivity? The month is split between these contrasting urges, Cancer. Make sure those “forever” promises are truly what you desire. Since right around Valentine’s Day, love planets Venus and Mars have been in Aquarius and your eighth house of permabonding, eroticism and commitment. 
Venus is here until March 11 and Mars until March 22, so you’ll still be under their joint spell for the first half of the month. Strong emotions could surface now. Your jealous and possessive side (an Achilles heel of the zodiac’s sensitive Crab) could flare up now. If you’re feeling hypersensitive, make sure to have plenty of emotional support. Leaning too heavily on a partner or love interest to soothe your insecurities won’t make either of you feel your sexiest.
Soon enough, you’ll shake that heaviness right off! As the month progresses, Venus and Mars will shift into Pisces and your expansive, worldly ninth house. Suddenly all the stuff you were obsessing about could start to seem like a waste of mental and emotional bandwidth. There’s a vast ocean of options out there to explore—and plenty of fish swimming in it, might we add! 
Once Venus enters Pisces and this visionary zone on March 11, you've got an appetite for amorous adventure—the further from familiar the better! Your mind is wide open: You're thinking ahead and taking in the big picture, not just focusing on what's in front of you. Between now and April 5, you could develop a serious case of grass-is-greener syndrome.
This wanderlust will get even stronger once Mars enters the chat on March 22, joining Venus in Pisces and staying until April 30. Book those sexy getaway tickets for the second half of the month! Prior to that, Mars is wrapping up a visit to Aquarius and your intense eighth house, which could drive up some of your jealous or possessive urges. Keep that obsessive side in check in the first half of April, Crab.
Once Mars heads into Pisces, feeling limited will be a turnoff, and you could get a wicked case of FOMO from all the options. Remember: It's also hard to stay in the "now" when you're contemplating so many possibilities. Single Crabs eager to start fresh will find worthy playmates, but keep the bar high. Couples can spike the excitement with a spontaneous day trip or by planning a vacation. Novelty is a turn-on, so head far out of your comfort zone! 
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