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October 2020 Cancer Career Horoscope

And you’re off! The month starts with a powerhouse punch as the October 1 Aries full moon activates your career zone, marking a professional high point (or a possible turning point). An opportunity you’ve been pursuing since late March could come together now. Thinking of changing jobs? Reach out to a mentor or well-connected contact. Make sure you’re presenting as polished an image as possible. Gather testimonials and references; update your style for any Zoom interviews or client calls. Present yourself as the expert you are!

If a key relationship has been rocky for the past few months, that should start to clear up on October 4, when power-tripping Pluto ends a five-month retrograde in your partnership zone. If you’ve been unsure about whether to go into business with someone, you could get the clarity you’ve been waiting for. Whether it’s with this person or a different one, dynamic duos will take flight between now and the end of the year. Actively start seeking ways to join forces!

Just do it before Mercury turns retrograde on October 13, mucking up your messaging and technology until November 3. This is an unfavorable window for signing on to any new endeavors. Use the time to negotiate and read the fine print. You’ll be in a stronger position to say “yes” or “no” next month!

Key Dates:
October 7: Mercury-Uranus opposition
This is the first of three of these impulsive angles, so if you don’t handle this one the way you’d like to, don’t worry: You’ll get two more chances to get it right! The quickest-thinking planets align, spurring you to rush into action or say something regrettable. And it’ll happen so fast, you might not be able to stop yourself. But pay attention to what happens as a result, and if you need to make amends in any way, you should get a chance during Mercury’s return trips on October 19 and November 17.

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